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Directorate Wishlist

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As it is the season to be making list I wondered if anyone else has wishes for their Directorate forcesthese could be immediate i.e the next Helix or further into alternative helixs. I'll have only recently taken back possession of the Direcorate core helix i lent to a friend to intro them into the game (handily they have come back painted) so I am a little low on ideas so would be neat to hear more experienced commanders ideas.


Commando's - Thought a variant on Light infantry, possibly have cloaked but also a MAR that allows them to reduce DR of their opponent in CQB if they hit in Flank/Rear - No Main Ordinance


Flame Tank (Medium) - Very Short range, high CQB with some beefed up flame tanks. If anyone can remember the brotherhood of Nods flame tanks from the original C&C will know what I am getting at.


Those sweeper team models are crying out for a flying transport to airdrop the "Spinning Discs of Death" into the enemies battle line.

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Random Idea - as works network is failing to allow me to do any work.


What about for a support Helix - The arbiter again but small drop pods similar to the aqaun missle batteries but with cyber emmiters that either give the same onus as the arbiter but in a smaller range or have their own cyber weapons.

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