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Taking the Fight to Mars!

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After the original attack by the Invaders, the Alliance of Humanity is taking the fight to the Invaders homeworld using a portal uncovered by the Covenant of Antarctica.  As the nation who bore the brunt of the original invasion, the Prussian Empire was given the honor of the first strike.


Here's a link to the original Invaders battle:




The scenario begins with an initial deployment of half the Invaders force around their central pyramid and the last oasis on Mars.  The Prussian land forces then deploy through the gate and establish a beachhead, followed by the remainder of the Invaders moving in their reinforcements.  If you recognize the Relthoza drone spires, that's because we used them as Drone Hives for the Invaders.










End of Turn 1, one Sentinel large tripod down to concentrated Tesla fire, one Metzger down to flaming Death Rays of doom.




Turn 2, as the ground forces engage, aerial support from both sides arrive.




The Gewitterwolke dies horribly.  Oh! The Humanity!




Turn 3 was hard on the humans, with the loss of another Metzger and a squadron of Geier due to a vicious onslaught from the Invader bombers, but the Prussians' allies have arrived.




The Hochmeister steps forward and takes revenge for the Gewitterwolke, felling a Sentinel in one swift assault.




Sadly, 46 AD from the combined Death Rays of two Sentinels ended the Hochmeister's reign of terror.




The loss of the Hochmeister convinced the Alliance that perhaps discretion was the better part of valor since not enough firepower remained to deal with the next drone wave and bombers.

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When making the scenario, I assumed that although the Covenant figured out where the portal would take them, no scouts were sent through in advance of the initial assault so as to preserve the element of surprise. On the Invaders side, the portal had been inactive for so long they didn't think it worthy of fortification, so none of their forces were positioned to stop the Prussians from coming through.

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That's the stuff of legends. I'd love to see how a second chapter of this "campaign" might unfold. The Hochmeister in particular put up a good fight. That is, until the beams of the aliens tore apart the molecular structure of its joints.


In my opinion, invaders are very suitable for a scenario in the likes of this one. In any other situation, invaders are pretty much OP against the majority of the other, more conventional armies.

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Hoomans Go Home! ;-)

If my lead squad of Martian Bombers had not rolled two double crits (one w/ Bombs, other with beams) on Stephan's forces in one turn, things may have swung QUITE differently. 

But yeah, in general, the bombers are too hard to hurt, too deadly to leave alive. I'd redo them as size and firepower more like the small tripods that they're about the same size as.

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