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Diplomatic Incident! 1500 points EotBS vs PE

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It's an Imperial Bond internal dispute.


The armies were as follows:




1st Lieutenant

5 Riflemen


1st Lieutenant

5 Riflemen


9 Battle Ashigaru (Regular)

MMG upgrade



9 Assault Ashigaru (Regular)

2 Rocket Projector upgrades

Saigo Minamoto



4 Rocket Corps Samurai


3 Shinobi


PRUSSIAN EMPIRE - 1490 points


Unter Marshal

2 Armsmen


Unter Marshal

1 Armsman

Shockenlanze upgrade


Oberst Hahl

5 Grenadiers

2 Vierling upgrades


6 Battle Grenadiers (Regular)


HMG upgrade


6 Battle Grenadiers (Regular)



10 Landwehr (Regular)




The scenario was:

Advancing Lines


Limited Visibility


We set up the terrain as follows:



Then we deployed as follows; the only noteworthy thing is that as this was Advancing Lines my Shinobi, as infiltrators, were able to deploy quite far ahead.




I'll put turns 1 to 3 into the next post.

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Turns 1 and 2 were focused on movement: most units simply edged forward through the limited visibility conditions, while the Shinobi stepped behind the building to avoid being shot at by the Teutonic Knights.



Turn 2 continued this trend with most sections continuing to cautiously advance towards firing range while the Shinobi occupied the central building. An uneasy stillness lay over everything.



Turn 3 is when thinks started getting interesting.


1. The Samurai charged the Teutonic Knight section with the Shockenlanze, while the melee was joined by Oberst Hahl.

2. Unleashing their incendiary ammunition at very close range, Saigo Minamoto's Assault Ashigaru opened fire on the Grenadier section in the building.

3. The other sections edged forward again, the Shinobi leaving the house once more to avoid being shot at.

4. In Melee, the Samurai used "Breath of the Green Dragon" to Strike First, killing the Teutonic Knight with Shockenlanze and wounding the Unter Marshal. Unsurprisingly, the Marshal and Oberst Hahl's section retaliated in kind, killing three Samurai.


Turns 4 to 6 in the next post!

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Turn 4 featured several comparable actions on the other side of the field.


1. The Battle Ashigaru with MMG section broke cover, opening fire on the Landwehr but being shot at by the Grenadier HMG in turn.

2. The Shinobi cautiously advanced behind them.

3. The other Grenadier section charged the Assault Ashigaru, but were wiped out. The Ashigaru took the opportunity to advance 6" forward on a lucky roll towards the other melee, in which the last remaining Samurai was killed.


Turn 5 featured several bloody melees.


1. The Shinobi charged the Landwehr, cutting most of them down. Meanwhile, the Grenadiers with HMG continued to fire on the Battle Ashigaru.

2. The remaining Teutonic Knight section charged into the house, attacking the 1st Lieutenant who had been sheltering there. A Knight was wounded, but the Knights themselves of course reaped the heavier toll, with all of the Lieutenant's Riflemen being laid out by giant metal robot fists. We imagined the Teutonic Knight's charge as involving them simply smashing straight through the walls.

3. The other 1st Lieutenant caused some casualties to Hahl's Grenadiers before Melee was joined between Minamoto and Hahl and the Unter Marshal. The Unter Marshal was killed under a barrage of combat attacks and close range shotgun fire from the Ashigaru, ably assisted by the masterful sword work of Minamoto! In turn, however, many Ashigaru fell, largely due to the enormous amount of Cold Steel dice that Hahl can muster - 13 attacks!


Turn 6 ended the game.


1. The Battle Ashigaru escaped the Genadier HMG fire by charging the Landwehr. The Grenadiers moved elsewhere and exchanged fire with the 1st Lieutenant. The Landwher were wiped out by the Shinobi and Ashigaru, who both again got lucky 6" advance moves to boldly strike into enemy territory.

2. Having killed the 1st Lieutenant in the building, the Unter Marshal and his Armsmen advanced proudly onto the Blazing Sun's side of the battlefield.

3. Minamoto was the only survivor of her section, despite cutting down several more of Hahl's Grenadiers.


While the Blazing Sun forces were somewhat shaken, by this point the Battle Ashigaru and Shinobi had a clear path towards the Prussian Deployment Zone, and were somewhat ahead in points. I misjudged this a little by forgetting that sections with shaken markers do not generate points for Breakthrough, but nonetheless I was ahead, and in a turn or two the Ashigaru and Shinobi would have made it to the Prussian side with no opposition possible and would have quickly gathered enough points to win outright. Thus my opponent, commanding the Prussians, gracefully resigned.


I'll wrap things up in a final post.

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Final Thoughts


The list I had planned had strengths and weaknesses. I think taking large sections of Ashigaru was wise. I was ably assisted by the fact that we were playing Limited Visibility, which worked in favour of such a melee-centric force.

That being said, I hoped taking multiple 1st Lieutenants would strengthen my leadership and allow me to take more Imperial Riflemen, but ultimately it wasn't terribly useful. I think in future I would take, as I typically do, a Master Samurai instead.

Part of this is because of Saigo Minamoto. She's very useful. It's extremely handy being able to take a Veteran NCO in an Ashigaru Section, and she's great in Melee. I would definitely use her again and could see her becoming a staple of my Blazing Sun lists.

I think I should possibly have concentrated my heavy hitters, the Samurai and Shinobi, on one side, possibly by deploying differently in the hope of my opponent placing his stronger units near my Ashigaru. As it stood, however, I was still able to exploit the weakness of his Landwehr.


I'm always surprised how much heavy gear the Prussian Empire is able to take even in 1500 points. That being said, I think my opponent was let down by the fact that his force was slow-moving and divided into mostly fairly small sections. Nonetheless, things could easily have gone differently.


In any event it was an enjoyable game and I hope it's made for reasonably engaging reading!




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