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Aquan in aqua style?

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Hello folks!


Like Karun and Vonhymack, I decided to expose my work to the spartan community! So don't be astonished if you have already seen it on the french forum.


So enough speeaking lets see the pictures


Half core helix + heavy helix :



Here are some details on the "updated" stinger battery




Leviathan helix (with an extra Imzani) + recon helix without infantery



I've added a Directorate drone on the base, done with greenstuff



And some other views of the leviathan



Leviathan in da action !!




Well that's all folks.

Next steps : infantery, and terquai recon helix.


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Time to make some updates!


I'm painting all my infantery since ... a very long time. But it's on the way, and I hope to finish it before the end of the month

I've also finished the Terquai Recon flying vehicle. It's really close to the Aquan shceme and I've added a mettalic colour to underline the human side. I'm only desapointed on the orange cockpit, but no idea how to upgrade it ...
tn_forum_7icarius-4-20160430-150343.jpg tn_forum_7icarius-5-20160430-150344.jpg


I've also make a cockpit on the rear of the vehicle ... don't know why ...



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