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Hatefull Dindrenzis in a dusty environment

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I like the middle one, too. It is very striking and just Looks better than the one on the left. The one to the right is ok, but not that different from the norm. Painting all that white might be a pain though, so you should be sure that you are willing to paint a whole army that way.

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Thanks guys

Yes the left one is a very quick test and is very messy caus I was too lazy to wait the paint to dry and it went wrong ^^

The white is quite quick to achieve I think. Yet not much fun. But the final render is cool.

I really love the blue one too.

I might do the white one for the ground troops, and the blue one for my ships :)

Better pics I think (not perfect colors still)



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Hi !


Of course :

White : Celestra grey, Shade of Drakenhoff nightshade in the shadows, sepia on the exposed zones, drybrush of white then reinforcing the edges with white linings.

Yellow : Tausept ochre, sepia shade, yellow highlight then add some white.

Black : black :D

Red glows : mephiston red, red wash, highlights of red adding flesh tone then white


Here is a test on a medium :)




Quite quick to achieve, this one took some time thinking where to put which color.

I'm quite happy with this scheme. It's better than on the Leto


Hope you like :)

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Great ! I didn't know as I don't know much Robotech.

That could be cool. There is some space left for a little freehand. That symbol or something else.



They look really cool :wub:

I never want to paint white... how did you do them?

Thanks. The white is explained above the pictures ^^

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Actually you can skip the Celestra grey step. I always do a double zenithal undercoat : black everywhere, then white from above.

Here it was the new GW spray Corax White,


On the second Eris medium tank I directly went with the washes on the undercoat and it worked as fine as with the Celestra base.


Here are some new stuff


Hope you like

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Thanks dude ! :)


Just give it a try or two, and the rest should follow. Any idea yet ?

I decided to go with something similar to your scheme but I'll add variations for the different unit types.

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