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1500 pts with new Dread robo

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1500 Pts

Ceous 380

Alpha orb 100

Beta orb 95

Aristotle 185+20= 205

Attach Kepler 95

Zeno 90*2= 180

Kepler 95*3= 285

Thales 8*20= 160




sorry for the procys Fresnals are keplers and heterodus is the ceous with a jap dread robo base


The strategy behind this fleet Is to allow our dread to charge at the enemy and take least amount of damage possible while screening smaller units behind it. I used the alpha orb to 1/2 AD my blitz group and the beta orb to speed things up a bit. It worked well. My first activation was always the Alpha. 
Then i would either burn turns to force my opponent to shoot through the portals or if i had a really juicy shot i had to take i would. The aristotle and keplers stayed in the back sniping when they could. 


Ceous dread- The model did well, but if it wasn't for the half A/D fields it wouldnt have survived. I think its a bit fragile with 7 DR and only 2 shields, I think the shield nation should get S3 on robots that half of their strategy is to board. I'm glade the weapons on here are T, with out that this guy wouldn't do much since hes such a bullet magnet. 
Just kind of wish we had a long range option like the Japanese dread. Maybe a big heavy E turret in the mouth instead of PA?? It would have to be pretty big for me not to take the PA but there's an option lol. Maybe an upgrade to shield 3 protective 2?? 


Aristotle/kepler squad - I liked the resiliency to damage this squad has. Between starting out wave lurking and having a DR 6 BB instead of a DR 4 fresnal in the squad made this squad last a lot longer then the latter. Also with the addition of of spewing out a squad of SAS on top of that. With this squad why would i take a diophantus??? same points for carrier 5 and 18 long range dice.


Keplers - I liked these guys. The AD out put is the same as the Pericles and also has the same DR O,o. Why that is I don't know. Bump the carrier???? Then having wave lurker and more HP in the squad makes them a bit safer IMO Also makes room in our large/massive for the aristotle to shine. Then throwing out 2 squads of SAS instead of 1 was pretty valuable, tho they never did anything because the game had ended.    


Zeno - Didn't do much but get one boarded and the other crited, tho this was my fault for bringing them up to boarding range of FSA turtles. I already really liked this unit before this game and this doesnt make me dis like it any less. But i think i need to be patient and keep them behind the half AD a little longer. 


Thales - They didn't shine to much in this game but have before. Besides a terrible flanking boarding attempt on a well damaged saratoga that had 4 AP and i killed one of them with 8 AP. But that wasn't their fault. I still prefer these guys over the frigates.


Feedback rules. I didn't have tooooo much trouble. my roles were a bit average. I would save an entire squad of 3-4 then lose the next squad completely. I just had to prepare my Keplers with more drones before activating. Kinda did bad bombing runs in the way of the squad had full HP with full AA just to i could get them killed and ditched to launch a full squad next activation and if it damaged too well that's a bonus. I think the trick to this is really the kepler. The keplers bring just enough AD and carrier points to justify 95 points. (could be 5 points cheaper, I'm ok with making a hard choice between zeno and kepler, the 2 have very different jobs) the 12 move i could seriously feel especially against the much faster FSA planes. So i kinda had to bring smaller squads of 3/4 with extras being recons (for activations)  I would line up 2/3 torpedo bombers in front of one squad of fighters just so i know one of these wings will get to target. I also think if more of our ships have the option liek the ceous does to bring extra SAS, that could help with the feed back hitting us so hard. That way we dont mess with the rules of the feed back, jsut add more options to our ships which is never a bad thing for extra points. Maybe 3 for the BB and 5 for the prometheus, so on and so forth. Kinda like the ways the ottomans do it? 


Let me know what you guys think about this build and strategy. Has anyone else tried this? Thoughts on dread? Thoughts on keplers? Should i change the build up? 

Thanks for your help guys =D

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I'm still pretty new but from what I've been discussing with friends is that the Coeus is a monster. It has the only single shot PA that can oblitorate flyers, which is awesome. Aristotle+Keplar same cost as a Diophantus huh? I'll have to give it a go once i get my Keplars :)

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