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Relthoza vs RSN (pic heavy)

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My friend is still waiting for his orders to come in but that shouldnt stop us from playing a fun game with what he currently has.  Right now he has an RSN carrier with 2 escorts and 2 cruisers so I tried to match his fleet with my Relthoza which would be around 400 points (nexus and 3 assassins)


Point of this game was to learn more by playing, have fun, and expose the community to this awesome game. We played a modified resource recovery with the 2 objective debris field near each other in the middle.



Nov 13@ House of Geek











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Thanks. Our orders arrive late November so we should be running 800 to 1200 points by December. I only hope i could remember details for batreps with more ships on the table as it takes me a while to figure out / recall what was happening in the pics.

But right now we are making the the most out of every cent we paid for those starters :)

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