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Terran Victory over Relthoza !?!

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Terrans vs Relthoza – 5000pts each


Terran List:


2xVidar + 1 Ullr Shield Tank

3x Heimdalls w/Nukes

3x Heimdalls w/Nukes

3x Valkyries w/ Nukes

5x Valkyries w/ Nukes

2x Ullr AA Tank


1xTyr Support Tank

3x Baldr Tank hunters

2x Ullr AA Tank


1xTyr Support Tank

3x Baldr Tank hunters

2x Ullr AA Tank


1x Sheriff Gunship

4x Guardsmen Attack Fighters


1x Sheriff Gunship

4x Guardsmen Attack Fighters


Relthoza List:


2x Visith Hvy Walkers

2x Salamas Med Walkers + Varic Support

6x Namisc Light Walkers

Yayiss Spire + 8 Jabri Drone Swarms

Yayiss Spire + 8 Jabri Drone Swarms


Varisei-Kei Leviathan

6x Namisc Light Walkers


Vaxiss Ground Attack Leviathan (Flyer)

Massith Node


2x Caramis AA Walkers

Yayiss-Va Heavy Spire w/ 5 Jamriss Drone Swarms

Yayiss-Va Heavy Spire w/ 5 Jamriss Drone Swarms


RSN Allied Archangel

Temple of Dramos

6x Seraph Light Tanks


Terrans deployed with Core and Heavy Helix on either side of the Relthozan Primary Objective Building (a low structure about 8” long). 2nd Heavy Helix was on the Relthozan right. Both Air Helixes on the Relthozan left. 


Relthozans deployed behind a trio of mid-table buildings. Visiths central with Salamas mid-right. No other units on the right to refuse flank to the Terran Heavies. Archangel and Vaxiss mid-left. Varisei-Kei on the Left.


Single RSN drop point about 6” in front middle of the objective building, Relthozan Drop points scattered all in front of Terran gun lines.


Four Terran Artillery Markers throughout Relth central line, threatening all 5 helixes.


Terrans got to go first both turns.


Turn 1:


Terrans start long range Heavy work on Visiths with Baldrs. Get damage and corrosion. 

Visiths move up and start work on Heimdalls. 

Terran heavies inflict second hit on Visith.

Relthozan pays three TV to mix helix activations, RSN Archangel moves up, takes potshots at Guardians, utterly FAILS to zero in the RSN drop marker on six dice. Card WASTED, as we assume no Relthozan can zero the RSN marker (FAQ and RAW unclear).

Terran Heavies KILL 1 Visith.

Relthozan Infantry begin to drop. Mistake was not realized til later, that Air Helix should have gone before Visiths to drop Massith pod near objective  and grant Kill Team. Jabris on right attack Tyr, do two damage. In return, Tyr and Valkyries kill them to a bug. 

Jabris on left attack Vidars, whiff for just 1 damage. Heimdalls damage them.

Core Namisc Lights advance behind building near Terran flyers. 2nd Heimdalls rake them killing 3, fail test by 2 despite Drone node, combat ineffective. 

Caramis AA advance and rake first Heimdall group. 

AA Ullrs later break remaining Jabri swarm. 

Jamriss Heavy Swarm drops, finishes off first Heimdalls.

Guardian Squad nips forward, kills 3 of 5 Jamriss (remaining finished by canny use of CQB, forget sequence)

2nd Jamriss swarm attacks Vidars with claw and gun. Whiff for only 1 Damage  from claw, shield foil guns. Lose 3 in return. 

Vidars wipe out Jamriss.

Varisei Kei Leviathan mauls 2nd Heimdalls, between damage and failed test.

Sheriff rushes forward, artillery does TWO damage to Leviathan, guns miss a third damage by ONE hit. 

Lev Helix Namiscs move up on 2nd Heimdalls, finish them off.

2nd Sheriff moves up, artillery mauls the last Visith walker. Direct fire fails to hur the VK Leviathan.

Vaxiss Flyer moves up, kills three Guardians, Massith node goes way off course, cannot help remaining Infantry who will soon die anyways. 

2nd Guardians rush flank of VK Leviathan, fail to hurt it. 

End of turn: All Relthozan Infantry is dead, Terrans ahead on Zero Tracker






Rethozans repair all corrosions. Play Nano-Repair to bring VK Leviathan back to full health

Terran Sheriff rushes over behind Visith and Vaxiss. Artillery misses, but shots soften the Visith. 

Archangel kills 2nd Sheriff in CQB, and puts a damage on the 1st Sheriff. Zeroes in the RSN drop site. 

Guardians flank Visith, kill it. One remaining core unit passes test.

Temple of Dramos drops right in front of Objective Building. MISSES with target lock and only does 1 damage to Vidar pair.

Vidars utterly destroy the Temple in one salvo, and kill two Seraphs besides, deploying and activating them. Seraphs are up against Primary Objective.

Vaxiss doubles back and kills the 2nd Sheriff in CQB, and halves the 2nd Guardian Squadron. 

Valkyries kill remaining 4 Seraphs, nothing to take objective now, as Valks claim their Tertiary.

VK Leviathan is ineffective vs Vidars, as are the last Namiscs later.

Terran Heavy guns mop up the Relthozan core helix.


Turn ends with not one damage point on the Archangel or either Relthozan Leviathan. But Terrans have won at -1 on their tracker to 21 on the Relthozan tracker. 


Clearly, the Terran focus on raw firepower and air superiority (while not wasting points on their substandard infantry options) was the key strategic difference. And tactically, they leveraged canny CQB and focus fire on enemy Infantry to wipe-out Relthozan objective taking. 

Relthozan refused flank and Leviathan firepower was able to answer air strikes, but could not break Terran armor and shields. RSN allies proved useful in Archangel, but the Temple was simply a huge points give-away by dropping into Terran crossfire. 


Thoughts? Comments? 

I do have a 2500pt Relthozan force option for Adepticon featuring the Varisei-Kei Leviathan, the Vaxiss GA Leviathan, and the RSN Archangel. Based on this, I think they might survive well and be fun, but they’ll never win a match :-)

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