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New Unit Ideas Thread, Second Edition

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The Vengeance has to come up to the surface use its most powerful weapon, its chainsaw. Sure, it can swift maneuver, but most of the time itll be on the surface for at least a turn. It's not particularly hardy either.

 You can use it whilst submerged, and I have managed so against Ika and The black wolf- not against Bostons or Sturmbringers that tend to sit further back.


More often, I have used Vanguards to either Ram or drive to the surface Zagranis, crocodiles, and other small/tiny subs.



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Looking at the stats for this sub is why I consider most home brew models to be less than thought out.


First, name a single model that has two forward torpedo sets.  15 AD at RB4 from a model this cheap and defensible is absurd and you still added not one but two MARs to that.  Granted one is meaningless but I assume you are going to replace that with either Piercing or Pinpoint.  Further, subs rely on being subs for their defense.  When you choose to surface for the main attack you pick your timing and do it right, all or nothing.  Even the shield faction of Britannia does not put a shield on their sub.  But of course this one has Shield(2) plus inventive scientist.  Throwing in a second generator just because it's Covenant makes sense I guess.


For actual constructive criticism:

Drop the DR/CR to 6/8.  Add Reinforced Bulkheads - makes sense for any large sub.

One set of torpedoes at 10 across the board.  If you add any MAR beyond Faster drop this to 8.

One particle accelerator at not overpowered stats.

Drop the mines as just not needed.



Option 1.  Keep the Kinetic Generator and switch the Shield for a target painter.  This gives you decent weapons and a painter that is rather hard to knock out.


Option 2.  Keep the Kinetic Generator and switch the PA and Shield for a Teleport (Medium) generator.  A quick flanker that keeps pace with corvettes and can open up a teleport shot for them whenever-wherever needed.  Better yet it can do all of it's work from submerged.

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I was playing an armoured game the other day, and noticed that the CoA was lacking a medium carrier option, or any cheap carrier option in Armoured play- the cheapest being the (currently over-costed, IMHO) Epicurus, at 180 points.


This idea is sort of a "quick fix" using an existing model instead of introducing a new one.


Orpheus beta-Class Drone Controller Tank


Medium Armoured Model


35 Points

Squadron Size: 2-4


DR 3 CR 5 MV 8" HP 3

AP 1 AA 2 CC 1 IR 1


RB                                    1  2  3  4

P/S Broadsides (S)           4  3  2   -


Minimum Move 0"

Turning Template 360-degree

Turn Limit 0"


Model Assigned Rules: Drone Launcher(1), Fuel Reserves


Options: This Model may replace the Drone Launcher(1) MAR with Drone Launcher(2) for +10 points. Any model that does also gains the Strategic Value (10) MAR.


Weapon Arcs: The P/S Broadsides (S) have a Broadside arc of fire

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I have come up with a decent gunnery only heavy battleship for the COA. With tweaks, it is actually really good in playtesting. Think of it as the in your face hammer of the fleet...

Democritus Class Heavy Battleship

Points: 210

Crew: Stoic

DR:7 CR:10 MV:7 HP:9

AP:9 AA:6 CC:6 IR:6

Main Turrets (P) 10 8 7 5

Broadsides (S) 9 7 5 3

Particle Accelerator 10 10 6

MAR: Inventive Scientists, Advanced Engines 1", Redoubtable (Main Turrets)

This unit has an internal Shield (3) Generator

Thus unit has an internal Nullification Generator

This unit may upgrade to Aggressive Crew for 10 points

Two Turrets have a 270 Fore Fre Arc

One Turret has a 270 Aft Fire Arc

The Particle Accelerator has a Fixed Forward Firing Arc

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I really like the Orpheus Beta. It's pretty squishy, but flexible in how much Drone Launcher it brings to the table, allowing you to tweak the points value of the squad to match what you've got to spend in your army list.


The Democritus looks pretty good on paper. It's one of the faster battleships and very tanky, with pretty good firepower. At first glance the crew type seems a bit off, though I like the option to swap from 4+/3+ to 3+/4+ crew. Just not entirely convinced it's very Covenant-like. Maybe reduce AP to 8, make it Elite crew type and add Specialised Defence (1)? 

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My issue with a lot of these heavy BB ideas is that they're just bigger guns. I think the Covenant can do far better than that. I think there are smart solutions to any problem- generally generators and synergy. When I have a spare moment I'll see if I can come up with a detailed idea.

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Yes, it's fine to have a tougher large, but I just don't think the way to do their weapons is big dice numbers. Sure, we could make a heavy battleship by slapping three DN turrets on an Aristotle, but doesn't that seem a little... dull? I mean, this is the faction that has five carriers and felt that a common launch mechanism was too gauche, and seems to have only grudgingly settled on "some kind of vertical launch rack, I suppose".


Dali-Class Experimental Battleship


Large Naval Capital Wave Lurker Model


225 Points

Squadron Size: 1


DR 6 CR 10 MV 7" HP 9

AP 8 AA 8 CC 6 IR 6

Crew Type: Elite


RB                                                1  2  3  4

Raised Phase-Wave Turret (P)    7  6  7  6

Lower Phase-Wave Turret (P)     7  6  7  6

P/S Broadsides (S)                     10 8  6  4


Minimum Move 2"

Turning Template Large

Turn Limit 0"


Model Assigned Rules: Inventive Scientists, Evasive Manoeuvre (+2), Advanced Engines (+2"), Strategic Value (100), Hull Breaker (4x Linked Phase-Wave Turret, 1)


Options: This Model is fitted with an Internal Shield (2) Generator for no additional cost

This Model is fitted with an External Target Painter (Phase-Wave, 24") Generator for no additional cost


Weapon Arcs:

ONE Raised Phase-Wave Turret (P) has a 270-degree Fore Fire Arc

ONE Lower Phase-Wave Turret (P) has a 270-degree Fore Fire Arc

ONE Raised Phase-Wave Turret (P) has a 270-degree Aft Fire Arc

ONE Lower Phase-Wave Turret (P) has a 270-degree Aft Fire Arc

The P/S Broadsides (S) have a Broadside arc of fire


So, uh... whoops. I might have got a bit enthusiastic about doing something interesting and created a new weapon type. The idea being that it relies on precision targeting instead of big guns.


Also the Phase-Wave Turret would fire a beam that looks like a kickass sine wave, which is why the AD goes up and down.


Well, as a wise man once said, "Science isn't about 'why?', it's about 'why not?'"

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Synergy is a good word for us, but I also like the word precision. We have highly specialised tools to do specific tasks.

So the task we have before us is putting serious hurt on enemy large/massives, whilst not impinging too much on other roles.

I think the way to do it is similar to sebenko's. A weapon system.

My idea is similar to the long lance, but... Bigger :D

To be mounted on an Aristotle type hull with heavy battleship stats:

Heavy energy lance 11/11/8/8

MARs for the weapon: Hunter surface +1. Crushing impact. Hull breaker 1.

The dice spread is not impressive. But it does not have to be. Hunter surface gives it the kick it needs to hit the dr of most large/massives. Crushing impact makes that dr hit into a crit. Hull breaker adds that little extra damage.

This all leads to a one shot weapon that can cause significant harm to any surface target. You could use it on a medium or small target but that would be wasting its potential in a fleet that already has a multitude of tools for killing small and medium vessels.

You could shoot a flier, but the raw ad is not really high enough to worry a big one.

You could shoot a submarine but the ad pool would be pitiful.

Its really purpose is cracking open large ships and it would do it well.

Of course, certain defences would be stronger against it (rugged construction and ablative armour) but oh well, they tend to be on vessels we have other tools to deal with.

It is called an energy weapon so it is redoubtable, but damage will still hurt its low ad pool.

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An interesting idea that came to me while thinking about CoA carriers- Not quite a new unit, but a new idea nonetheless. What if all CoA carriers had a Rocket Launcher with AD equal to their starting Drone Launcher value? Admittedly it would require some balancing, but most of our carriers could get it and still need a buff at this point.


Or just give it to the Epicurus. I miss the launch turret.

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What about using our poor Daedalus and pair it up with a second one so that we have up to 4 (4) mines delivered per turn, that would be fun also the other combined stats - 2 sharks of the air hunting down that "prey".

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