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Krwekrw´s Sorylians... and maybe more...

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I just come back to FSA, first game from Spartan games i played. Well and now I am back with some lizard awsomness! I really like sorylian style of models and when i saw second hand odl starter box for nice prize i could not resist. O:-)


Good old Swordbreaker class battleship: Sword of Destruction

Venerable old lady. I wanted battered look of ship, that was long in combat with enemies of Sorylians. 

I am sorry fot crappy phone pics...







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Thank you very much guys:-)


awesome stuff man, may I ask how you achieved the weathering results?

Well it was kinda hit and miss but final form was made by agrax earthshade and some nuln oil  doing streaks on front and engines.
impact markers was made with some typhus corosion, bud dark brown can work to. i used sponge and old brush. then i used some white do mark shatterd pieces of surface.
Impact markers on red parts are made with Boltgun metal again by sponge then some brush strokes of dark metal and some typhus corosin... rust on metal parts is just two grades of brown... 
I think i could have done this better, but i kind of like how it is now, so i wont change it... at least for now:-)

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Well I managed to paint some more nodels!

So old starter is painted and i managed to buy some more models: 1 more cruiser, Mk 2 carrier, 5 more frigates and 5 corvetes.

Photo by Kurgan.





Btw i lost my battle horribly :-D Kurgan touched his dices and rolled like god :-D

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Well they look like they have overcharged engines and they have as they were going really fast! We both recycled Drives to Maximum and used Gravitational slingshots so lots of ships were going really fast - Swordbreaker with +2" Mv was flying around with 16" movement :lol:

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