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Pâtrick the Betrayer

First day on the job

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Hello all,



This marks my very first day as a CoA-commander.

I bought my fleet on the cheap last saturday in all it's forms land, sea and air.

Amongst all it a Battle flotilia, an armoured battle group, an Epicuris Skyfortress, a Deadalus large flyer, 2 Pericles carriers and more small ships, flyers and walkers than you can shake a stick at.

And 3 Plato Cruisers and a Callimachus Orb, walking.


I'm torn a bit between painting them in winter camo or doing them really flashy and hang the camouflage, knowing my, I'll end up with a blend between the two :P


Years ago I've played Uncharted Seas with a Dragon Lords fleet, this game seems similar but more complicated if I'm not mistaken.

I'd like to mix sea and air units, any pointers from more veteran admirals?



Thanks for any help.





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Hey Patrick,


First off, welcome to the Covenant. We are the most awesome faction there is ;)

DW is indeed more complex compared to Uncharted Seas but just as fun. You can combine Naval and Aerial in one game and most of the time I do that. The Battle Flotilla is a good start. You have Zenos and Plutarchs in it. Zenos are great models for boarding and taking down smalls. Their Particle Accelerators (PA) are perfect for destroying multiple small models (if not a whole section and more) in just one shot. I don't know if you are already familiar with the PA rules but they fire an energy template (the small round purple/pink template) straight ahead and every model that is touched by it suffers the amount of AD in that range band. The weapons always hits on 5+ but it ignores any form of defences like shields, MARs etc). And when you get close the Zenos are excellent boarders.


The Plutarchs are really good. They are destroyers and IMO one of the best detroyers in the game. They have an improved DR and HP compared to other destroyers and have a Shield (1) generator. They only cost 45 points and they can link their Fore Gun with their broadsides, which results in devastating attack. But they are slower then the average destroyer (10" movement).


The Sky Fortress isn't that super good but it is a decent model. I has 6 Drone Launcher points and good Energy weapons for a good amount of points. But if you go more offensive I would recommend the Deadalus Flyer. It have a good amount of firepower and a Shield (3) generator to protect it self more. It can also drop mines to hinder your opponents advancing.


The pericles Carrier is really nice, it is pretty cheap and has a decent amount of fire power. If you take Energy Turrets is it a good Drone Launcher (it has 9 points) and good long distance support with Energy Turrets and Torpedoes. The Plato Cruisers are also good and pretty cheap. For 165 points you have 3 Platos which can be equipped with Energy Turrets for free and then you have 11AD for all range bands. I use them primarily for sniping off damaged mediums, smalls and if I have support systems (Target painters and such) I engage larges with them.


For the Orb, it is a good model as support. It can place portals on the battlefield which medium models (and smaller) can use to teleport between them. It has risk due ;). It is a good model to teleport your Zenos or Plutarchs ahead and start taking down those important targets.


For the rest, we have Drones instead of man-operated aeroplanes. After the drones have been ditched or destroyed we can re-launch them back into battle using our carriers. But when a token is ditched or destroyed it must roll a D6 for each token and on a 4+ it can be re-launched, otherwise you lose it permanently for the battle. Some people dislike this rule so don't be surprised that there is a lot of frustration and discussion about it. Personally I don't mind this new rule. Also the movement of our Drones is 12", which is slow because other nations have an average movement of 14"-16" on their Aeroplanes, I kind of dislike that because the Drones had a base Movement of 14" but you adept to it ;)


I hope I helped you a little bit out on this, other players will certainly help you in addition to me and if there are any questions feel free to ask!


Kind regards,


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Get a covenant hunter flotilla next the fresnels are great long range killers and the theals corvettes are great boarders, the aronnax is only useful in land games since it lost its diving abilites but since there are no longer land torps anymore and very few bombers have hunter(submerged, +1) anymore it becomes a beast in land games due to the low armor and nearly 0 cc ratings of opposing armored units.

Next get the bombardment group & see your energy turrets and drones melt the enemy away. The keplar light carriers can attach to your energy turreted Aristotle giving crazy rb4 firepower with carrier support to boot. The hyperbius....... Guard them with your life because your opposing players WILL TRY TO STEAL THEM FROM YOUR BAG AND MELT THEM WITH A BLOW TORCH for they are the most impressive support units in the game.

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Ok, thanks for the replies :)


I've had a quick look at the force organitation rules ad came up with this for a 1000 points force.


1 Prometheus class Dreadnought with target painter: 320 pts

3 Zeno class Cruisers: 270 pts

3 Plutarch class Destroyers: 135 pts

3 Galen class Escorts (attached to the Dreadnought): 60 pts

3 Thales class Corvettes: 60 pts

1 Daedalus class Large Flyer: 150 pts


That way I have every size in my force, massive/large and medium don't exceed 60%, small stays under 40% and I have less than 40% of other units (main is naval with air support).

This is what I have so far, apart from the land units, naval carriers and more small ships.

I hope this is correct, that way I can start painting them soon.


I'll keep an eye out for the Hunter flotillia next time ;)

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I have 3 Ptolemy class mine layers in stock....

Let me try this list again then :D


1 Pericles class Carrier: 170 pts

3 Zeno class Cruisers: 270 pts

3 Galen class escorts attached to the Carrier): 60 pts

3 Plutarch class Destroyers

4 Thales class Corvettes: 80 pts

1 Deadalus class Large Flyer: 150 pts

2 Ptolemy class Mine-layer Flyers: 130 pts


Total: 995 pts


Looks like a deal to me B)

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I would say ditch the bombers for either extra points to upgrade the deadalus to an Epicuras or trade them out for more smalls or platos if you have them. Reason being they are a bit too fragile to my liking. suicide running for one attack isnt the best use of points in a 1000. Also if you use the dread. you will always want the shield 3. Welcome to the cool side. 

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The fleet has been gathered for a 1000 point battle against a friend of mine, I have no idea wich of his fleets he will bring...

We agreed on keeping it easy for now and so I ditched the airforce with the exeption of the fleetcarrier, I'm not THAT stupid and I'm feeling certain he'll have one too anyway.


I've spend some time yesterday drilling holes in the turrets and plugging the to wide holes in the ships over wich said turrets will go, both sides will be fitted with magnets so I can switch weapons between battles according to needs and/or tastes.


The colourscheme has been decided upon: a light grey/blue gray arctic camo with soft yellow parts, these colours reflect the ones found in the CoA flag.

The yellow striping, if you wish to call it that, will be painted on depending on the ship.

At first I wanted to paint all the turrets and broadside cannons in this colour but I realised in time that they would look more like over-ripe zits.... so I dropped that idea alltogether.


The fleet's name is 'Thermopylae', named after the place where King Leonidas died along his fellow heroes in defence of Greece.

Therefore, the fleet's slogan is 'Resistentia et Defensionem', Resistance and Defence.

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Firt ship's ready.

I did it a few days ago but it took me a while to figure out how to post pics :P


The Plato's turrets are attached with magnets so I can swap weapons whenever I desire.

Tomorrow I will work on the rest of the fleet, I hope to post pics by then :)




Looks good.


For magnetising, be very, very careful. Make sure every single turret you do has the same orientation. A few seconds checking as you do it saves you ages of cursing trying to sort out which turret goes on which ship later on!


All my turrets are the same, but I have many models with magnets in their bases, so they stick to a bit of metal for transport, and a few of those are the wrong polarisation, so they tend to stick to other models given half a chance....



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