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Relthoza Allies

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Since I decided to pick up some Relthoza for my fleet, I thought it would be appropriate to add one allied unit to my invasion forces as well. The problem is, as I have yet to play a game, I have no information on which unit I should take to complement my force.

Open to any and all suggestions.

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Ground lev or recon

Ground lev because the model is beautiful but it's a b**tard in its own right rules wise

Recon because it brings decent aa and the pods synergy nicely with the nyx.

So real question is what helicies do you want none of.

If you take ground lev no dindren lev or heavy helix.

If you take recon no dindren recon or flyers.

My preferable option would be lev. Brings a lot to the table and you can take the lovely new din ground attack.

Hope this helps

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My initial thought was the Recon Helix, but I don't know rules wise if there would be anyway to zero in their Skydrop markers... Or do I just have unassigned Skydrop markers for my forces?

Also, I have no idea what are Dindrenzi vulnerabilities, so I have no idea what would make sense.

I probably should have mentioned I have the RSN Helix as well. I'm hoping to field a full Core Helix, and fill out the rest of my points with Allies. I also have this idea to build two types of forces:

Planetary Invasion, with a bunch of Skydrop assets

Planetary defense, with no Skydrop assets (because there is no orbital support)

I don't know if Dindrenzi are even viable without their Skydrop forces, though.

Either way, I'll probably include the Interceptor Air Helix, because aircraft are almost as cool as orbital artillery.

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You'd have to use the Caramis walkers to zero the Relthoza SD markers.


The Relthoza recon helix has always been tempting to me, because I thought it'd have some unreal synergy with dindrenzi core and RSN helix (use the temple to try to break overwatch, then bring the infantry rain), but I held off getting it until I saw what the Din aerial helixes would turn out like...I like the stats on the ground attack helix but can't really handle the look of the actual models, so I'm not sure if I'll end up getting it as liking the look of my models is as important as their performance to me.


I was initially very poo-poo on the turrets, but after using them a couple of times they're actually really useful, so din recon is also tempting to me now.


Dindrenzi vulnerabilities (imo) are being somewhat fragile up close once hover is no longer a concern (the armoured forces can struggle against other armoured forces I've found), somewhat expensive, activation disadvantages early on (due to squads awaiting sky drop), lack of quality AA

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