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Raptors in the Tall Grass

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I played my first game against Work Raptors with a pure Terquai fleet. 


First off the new Terquai Assault Carrier was able to hold its own in a showdown between it and the Work Raptor Assault Carrier. 


Second, stealth systems and difficult target were such a huge pain to counter.  Made me happy we don't have a Relthoza player in our group.


I must ask how to deal with Work Raptor and other sneeky fleets like them in the future? 

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The simple solution is to load up on units which ignore Difficult Target:

Non-Capital Ships



I would add Boarding Assaults, but that won't help against Special Forces on the Tier 1.

The harder solution is to Combine to as large of a dice pool as possible when you're within 20", while staying out of Assault range.

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That was the problem was staying within 20 inches to ignore stealth systems but also get my smalls in there to ignore difficult target and with how powerful some of his fore guns are, they were blasting my smalls into space dust. 


In all honesty, do you think it was the bad idea to take a pure Terquai force against him?  I also have Dindrenzi and Oroshan I can throw at him next time.

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