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Eotbs vs kob

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Played a game last night against the gf using my campgain missions



fleet name=


Suchīrukurāken no kantai {Fleet of the steel kraken}



Shiro kaijū {strange white beast}

birth name: Jonathan k. Nemo

sas= 無名

Munmi {the nameless}


Kyodai kigyō {Behemoth} (ika)

排尿日 Hainyō-bi

{The Voided sun}(kaiju) Commodore's vessel




Akuma no kage {Demon's shadow} (Yurei)


Honō kitsune {Flame foxes} (Kitsune x3)


Sandaringu no kōrogi {Thundering crickets} (Uwatsu x4)


Sutōkā hametsu {Stalking doom} (Zarigani x5)


Shi o hisonde imasu {Lurking death} (Zarigani x3)


fleet name= queen of the frozen stars

commodore= Lady magarite pennybottom the 3rd. Duchess of davenshire



lord hood

2x tribal

3x stalwart

3x attackers


mission info:

me> blockade run=Your forces are running critically low on supplies in other sectors,but first you must create a distraction to get the vital cargo through the blockade.

For every 600 points or part of thereof, in your fleet you must nominate a single squadron as carrying the vital cargo.if at least half the ships carrying the cargo rounding up,can move off the table via your opponents table edge then you achieve this objective.

jackie> invasion= this facility does not yet belong to your fleet,but it will soon.

a facility must be present,if not place one.if more then one is present then one will be chosen at random,this is the target of the invasion.a facility has no stats and is indestructible.if you have more HP within 4’’ the invasion target then your opponent does at the end of the game turn then you achieve the objective.


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