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Relthoza of Terror (johnz)

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Hello. Im john and i just started 2 weeks ago and im hoping the game would pick up in my gaming community. I guess a good way to promote the game would be to post pics of our casual games with nicely painted ships. I was tempted to paint my fleet green but i already have a lot of green painted minis from other games and i wanted my relthoza to be different. I also wanted to focus on the stealth cloaking and tech aspect rather than the alien aspect.






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Wow, such a simple paint scheme but it really catches the eye, What colour did you use to paint them ?

From darkest to lightest.....basecoat of p3 greycoat grey (some areas washed with black wash), p3 cryx bane highlight, troolblood highlight, then vallejo stonewall grey would be the lightest and this was also used for drybrushing. This makes the hull simple / subtle but not dull since your eyes see different tones.

"Lighting" is just blending the chosen base color for example blue then gradually blending it to white until you are using pure white. With the red....its red....red to yellow....yellow....yellow to white....white.

Thanks for the comments.

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