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Official Kurak Alliance Thread: Xelocian

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Xelocian Naval Weaponry

Xelocian ships use a variety of advanced energy weapons for offensive work, combined with powerful torpedoes, and rapid firing autocannons for defense. This technical dossier is designed to explain how these systems work, the kind of damage they inflict, and what support systems they need to be able to work at full efficiency.

Heavy Molecular Disruptor

All Xelocian ships are designed around a massive central core of exotic matter. This core is heavily shielded to prevent accidents, and also to help collimate the weaponised output. The basic principle of operation generates a sheath of tachyons or a tachyon field around a core of gravitons. This is initially packet, but once the gravitons reach the breakdown density for the tachyon field and invisible beam of force lances from the muzzle of the weapon.

This beam can be maintained as long as the ship has power, and the ability to use shields. Once shields are gone, the collimation effect is lost, reducing the effectiveness of the weapon somewhat. Downrange, the tachyon field contacts the hull of the target, creating a rippling zone of physical instability. An instant later the gravitons arrive, stressing the material of the hull in all directions. Over the course of a second or so this has the effect of ripping all the material in the channel defined by the tachyon field apart. This also leads to the 'disintegrator' effect. Normal matter cannot safely transition from one side of the tachyon field to the other, so it is destroyed and converted to energy.

Cooling is not required for the molecular disruptor as it functions using an open cycle system. All thermal energy is conducted away by the tachyon field, instantly cooling the weapon. This also has the effect of melting the outer hull around the disintegrated section, leading to sustained damage looking similar to that inflicted by Relthozan hydroxide weapons.

Molecular Disruptor Cage

While the forward output of the exotic matter core can punch clean through an enemy warship, the broadside output must be collimated and focused differently. Instead of a cylindrical tachyon field, MDC weapons generate planar tachyon fields. In essence this turns the weapon from a drill into a saw or knife. The principle of operation remains the same as the larger HMD weapons.

When focused correctly the MDC can easily saw an enemy vessel into multiple pieces. This is not often the case though, as ships can evade, weapons are not always accurate, and power flow to the HMD can disrupt that of the MDC. Damage tends to look like pencil thin, perfectly straight lines etched into the hull of the target ship. As with the HMD, the MDC requires no dedicated coolaing system.

Crystal Beam Lasers

The lasers used by the Xelocians share many similarities with those used by the Aquans, the most notable being that they are continuous wave, or 'beam', type lasers. However, instead of using a broad wavelength dye to tune the laser frequency, the Xelocians maintain a magazine of crystals that can be cycled through the lasing chamber with great efficiency. A single excitation laser directly impinges upon the lasing element—the crystal—causing it to fire a beam of coherent light. The size and shape of the crystal determine the power output and beam diameter, as well as the maximum duty cycle of the laser—how long the crystal can maintain its excited state before permament lattice changes occur.

Crystal beam lasers are cooled by dumping waste heat into a heatsink, then transporting that to the exotic matter core of the ship. The lasers can also be flash-cooled a limited number of times using lithium droplet canisters. The canister cycles lithium through the laser, absorbing the heat, and then venting the lithium overboard. Each flash-cooling event consumes one canister worth of lithium coolant, but these are mounted in replaceable racks, making replenishment an incredibly simple task, even in the heat of combat.

Annihilator Torpedoes

Xelocian torpedoes are highly complex munitions, combining VASIMR drive cores with tachyon field warheads that work on a similar principle to their primary weapons. The torpedoes universally fire through the forward arc, complementing the ship's already formidable fore weapons. The torpedoes themselves are hot-launched from special bays in the rear hull section, just outside the exotic matter core. This means that the torpedoes are building velocity from the instant they are fired.

The torpedoes then burn towards the target, switching their drives from high-thrust to high-impulse mode, granting them even higher maximum speed, at the cost of a longer run-up to attain that speed. In flight the torpedoes follow a complex evasive pattern to ensure at least some of the salvo gets through to the target. Annihilator torpedoes have complex network proximity fuses, designed to get the salvo into optimum position before detonation.

Upon detonation an exotic mater core is destroyed by small anti-matter charge. This triggers a breakdown tachyon field to form in the region of space around the torpedo, followed by a massive graviton surge. However, the tachyon field tends to be so unstable that it will actually collapse in on itself in less than a second. This looks visually stunning as blue-tinged shockwaves of cerenkov radiation blast away from the detonations. The effect on the target is even more stunning, carving out great chunks of hull, armour or even drives in the blink of an eye.

Bulletstorm CIWS

Xelocian point defense weapons are not the most advanced in the storm zone, nor are they the most effective. While the Imperium is currently trying to source more efficient point defense units, it relies on the most widely available system currently deployed, a variation of the Terran Razorhail CIWS. However, instead of having six individual guns per cluster, the Xelocians use turrets that mount four heavy vulcan cannons, and deploy them in trios around the hull, concentrating especially around engineering and the supports for the exotic matter core.

Assault laser batteries are mounted in localised clusters, much like Terran razorhail batteries. ALB's are more spread out, such that taking a hit to that location will not destroy all point dfense capability. Fire control is networked throughout the entire ship, allowing fine control of which batteries fire at incoming salvos. Fire control also determines how many charges each battery can use, from a single shot, to a massive pulse of over a hundred on a Broadsword's ALB's.

Attack Craft Weaponry

Xelocian attack craft are a rare sight given the size of the fleet, but the current lack of dedicated carrier vessels does not preclude one of the nations building one, or the presence of the class being revealed to the rest of the Kurak Alliance in some time. If they do exist, the weaponry used by attack craft is likely to be a combination of vulcan cannons and smaller versions of the annihilator torpedo.

Xelocian Naval Defenses

The Xelocians use a number of advanced defensive measures on their warships, including both energy shielding and advanced composite armours.

Xelocian Void Shields

Eschewing the primitive energy shields of the Terrans, the Xelocians use a shield design buried deep within their archives. Instead of projecting a field all the way around a ship, these void shields instead concentrate beneath incoming fire, allowing each class of ship to have considerable shields for its size. Once again, the device draws its effect from the exotic matter core of the ship, but instead of using a tachyon field to support itself, it uses polarised gravitons.

The layer closest to the ship is repulsive, in order to keep the shield from impinging upon the hull. All the subsequent layers are made of attractive gravitons, forming an instantaneous singularity that lasts only as long as the attack against the ship. As this is concentrated in a small area of space it is possible to bypass void shields with canny targeting, firing at isolated and distant parts of a ship.

Once the attack has abated the singularity is released, instantly decaying in a bright flash of hawking radiation. Void shields are modified to create rotating singularities after experiments with static singularities tended to leave large chunks of ship missing during this release phase.

Iridium-Carbon Metal-Matrix Composite Armour

This is a specialist armour used by the Xelocains, combining a lattice of high-tensile iridium nanowires sealed between layers of pure carbon-carbon tiles. While simple in material terms, the construction technique used by the Xelocians ensures that wherever this armour goes, it provides a significant benefit to the ships bearing it. Unlike certain other races, Xelocians view the protection of civilian vessels of paramount importance, and most of their civil and merchant traffic is heavily armoured as a result.

Military ships have much less armour, but place it over vital areas. It also meshes with their combat philosophy of destroying the enemy before they can get close enough to harm you. Armour tends to be concentrated on the fore surfaces of the ship, reinforcing the supports for the exotic matter cores running the length of larger vessels.

Armouring Strategy & Weapon Placement

Xelocian ships bear little in the way of armour, and what there is tends to be concentrated on the glacis plate at the front of the ship, core supports, and around engineering. Shield projectors are evenly space around the core (or cores, as the case may be) with smaller projectors at the front and rear due to the difficulty of funneling energy outside the core's normal channels and conduits. Special mention must be made of the glacis plates of the Hantari and Shantu, both made from a complex iridium-carbon metal-matrix composite that some believe is supereior even to Dindrenzi ICE-II armour.

Weapons are primarily mounted along the external ventral and dorsal support rails for the exotic matter core of the ship, with the core itself forming one massive weapon installation. An important note, however, is that the core can be divided into segments for power generation, allowing a ship to run all its systems at the same time, at somewhat reduced capacity.

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Discussing Kurak Alliance tactics with another Kurak Alliance player and the subject of the better dreadnought to use. I say the Shantu class: Strong guns, 3 shields, good AP value, and reinforced fore MAR,. He says Terquai Empire Resulka Class dreadnought because it is 50 pts cheaper, countermeasures MAR, better point defense, and stats are not too far from Shantu. Thoughts on which it is worth its points and abilties in battle in a pure Kurak Alliance fleet? Btw, I am biased, love the Xelocian Primate ships so want other input or views on the matter.

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You could also argue that having Xelocian Primate Dreanought in a game below 1000 pts. could swing in your favor. Surprise to them when you tell them you have one and watch it blow through their fleet (which I have done a few times)

Slightly off topic but any word on when there will be a model for the dreadnought? I agree with you Tank, love the look of their vessels, especially the cruisers.

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The Terquai ship is certainly a workable ship, with excellent firepower, but I think I'd miss the closing firepower, bringing the fore guns to bear as we close the gap. The Shantu also gets my vote since it has 3 arc coverage of firepower, letting you basically wreck entire fleets at a time.

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Xelocians actually seem to mix pretty well with Aquans, with the Xelocian Cruisers and frigates help mitigate the Aquan deficiencies in this area.  The Hantari cruisers might not have the best in available firepower, SH 2 with Reinforced Fore gives them a surprising amount of resiliency in a fight.  


And the frigates are speedy little shits with decent firepower, and excellent CP/AP stats.  With an Aquan fleet, to maintain the 50% core fleet ship requirement, use the upcoming Aquan ships, the Snapper I think they are.  Fast, chep, and plentiful, they can make a nice contrast to the Tarl frigates.  

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