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Definition of 'shielding effects' for the purposes of cyber

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The cyber MAR states that the weapons "ignore all shielding effects" . To me this seems unclear as 'shielding effects' are not a defined term as far as i am aware, and an arguement could be made that a cloaking field is a type of shielding effect.

What exactly do cyber weapons ignore, i feel if it was just shield dice it would say "ignores shields" as it is a more specific term that is better defined within the game.

I would like to see cyber weapons ignore both shields and cloaks as they do in armada, but happy with any clear ruling.

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Cyber weapon MARs specically says that its to hit roll is affected by any MAR in play as any other weapon system.


Cloaking is one of these rules (no rerolls on 6 on the attacks roll) so its diffcult to support that Cyber weapons overcome this.




"All shideling effects" is probably written this way beacuse Shields are not the only way to make a save, there are also Cover ones, in this case Cyber weapons would not allow also this kind of saves. (But this is of no use, because I think only infantry can gain cover save, and infantry can not be affected by Cyber Weapons.)

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They're right Slimeball.


If you look at Pg:99~

  Resolve Attack
  1. Determine the Roll To Hit Number and roll Attack Dice.
  2. Calculate Successes and reduce the total by any Damage
       on the Firing Squadron.
  3. Allocate Damage.
  4. Perform Shield Saves.
  5. Apply Damage...
  Apply any Disorder Tests and Game Markers that might
  be required.
Cloaking Protective MAR takes place in step 1/2 not 4.
I think the term "ignore all shielding effects" Is referring to the fact that Cover Saves are available from shield projectors or possibly even terrain for vehicles in the future.

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