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Saturation Fire - What are 'initial' dice rolls ?

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Hi everybody,


Which dice rolls are considered "initial" for purposes of the Sorylians "Saturation Fire" rule ?


Let's say I rolled an attack with 10 dice. I got two ones, two sixes and some stuff in between.

- The two ones are obviously "initial" and may be re-rolled. They may be re-rolled only once, and even if they become ones again, this has to be accepted.

- The two sixes generate two more dice. Let's say I rolled two ones again. Are these considered "initial dice rolls" because they were only just generated and I never rolled them before, or are they not, because they were not part of the first 10 AD ?



Thanks in advance ;)

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Hi Oppi,


I can answer that one - only because I asked the same question the other week and got some helpful replies. Valander, in particular, pointed me in the right direction - page 28 of the rulebook:


There are many effects in the game that determine the number of Dice that are to be rolled. Whenever the rules mention Initial Dice in this book, we are referring to your total number of Dice BEFORE adding any extra Dice from other sources or effects, such as the Exploding Dice mechanic, described later.



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