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Complete list of changes --- Old rulebook vs. New rulebook

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Hi folks,


is there ANY complete list of all the changes between the printed(old) rulebook and the actual (pdf) version of the rulebook? (If there is a "list", it belongs in the download-section....)


There are some - lets call it -  "hints" here in the forum like: "This was one of the first changes..." or "that has already changed", but  do I really have to look for this in  a forum? (I enjoy this forum to get in contact with others, but it´s not a good way, to get the actual rules by reading it...)


It would be great, to have a complete list of all changes, so no one needs to compare side by side both versions and finds (sometimes just, because he is lucky...) a difference....


But - probably this list already exists and I just missed it... :)


Greetings and thanks in advance!



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The FAQ in the download area is a lists changes between printed and pdf rulebook.  :)



Except it doesn't, there were changes made between the FAQ and PDF rulebook; 1-2 due to balance and conflicts with other rules actually contradict the FAQ.


I actually just made a post on another thread concerning the reason everything appears stalled despite all the work that is being done to remedy this.


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Thanks for the responses so far.


I know the actual FAQ - list. But their content is not complete...


Just two examples:


- I was reading today, in the old version it was possible vor Hovercraft-Vehicles to drive (hover) over units. This is in the actual version not possible any more.

- I found some days ago a diference in the versions of the books. In the NEW book it´s clearly stated, a unit which makes now the planetfall (via the Dropsite-Marker) counts as  "Remains Stationary" (Page 80 at the bottom...)



Both examples are not a part of the FAQ. I´m sure, there are a lot of other points too....

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