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Make sure that Dystopian wars does not end up like UNCS

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Uncharted Seas is a good game - I own 2 fleets.

Saddened to see that it is in respiratory failure mode.


We must make sure that this never happens to Dystopian Wars - It is by far too good a game.

I own 4  factions


#1 France {By far the biggest collection and my favorite}

#2 British

#3 EIMC -- {My second favorite}

#4 League of Italian States


Also I have purchased {Starters}for other gamers who could not afford the game {To get them addicted to it}






Lets keep talking tactics and show people what a great game with beautiful models this product is.

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I don't have what they call "Gamer ADD".  I don't often switch gaming systems and let's face it, getting into a tabletop miniatures game is a substantial investment in both time and money.   DW appeals to me in a way that Firestorm Armada/Planetfall, Halo, Flames of War, Drop Zone Commander...doesn't.  Granted those games may be equal in quality to DW & may have more streamlined rule sets...I'm still not very likely to jump into PlanetFall and I've never been a Halo fan (though the revenue that brings to Spartan can certainly be put to good use!).  I look forward to new DW releases with enthusiasm and in recent months we've seen massive releases for Planetfall & Halo and a few releases for DW.  Hopefully there's more planned in the release schedule & this isn't a pattern of things to come.


In SoCal it's definitely an Uphill battle with all the competition and wargamers inundated by choice.  There are simply more gaming systems than there are people & time to play...not to mention paint.  I would love to see regular game nights at clubs like there are for 40k, WarmaHordes, FoW, Magic & D&D.  As it stands DW get's played in the area on a one-off basis between sparsely located players arranged in advance.  I suppose the lowest common denominator is I'd still run DW as a Special event at Cons.  Make up House Rules as needed to smooth play for newbies.  I'm much more Painter than Gamer so I'm going to continue painting my arse off, put it on the table & see if we can get DW the attention it deserves.

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I understand that nobody want DW to fall in the dark, but preserve a game during time must be something really difficult for a company. Let me explain : yes we don't want that our models are no longer supported by up-to-date rules and its parent company. But in the same time, many of us have left Games Workshop not because we dislike the universe or the model, but because it was constantly remodelled. Every month, you had new rules, new models, even new background, and you finally feel like a junky unable to say "stop". There is probably a right middle between those two extremes, but I don't know where it is. Sooner or later, DW will have to face an overgrowned range, and even if some of us have sufficient money/place/patience from GF to own multiple armies and game system, I think most of us can't buy some much resin, nor have enough place to store it.


Maybe the exception to this rule is 15mm wargaming, which has an intrinsect cultur of mixing rules and models from different universe, thus allowing changing style of play often enough. DW has the same benefit and disadvantage that WH40k : a specific setting, with related models in a specific niche, thus inducing loyalty to SG. But sooner or later they will have to restart they range and replace their old customers or risk "decay". In any case, most of long-time gamer of DW will complain because "no new model " (see recent posts in DW legions) or too much new model causing old models to be obsolete. I mean : look at FSA : some long-time player complain about the new ranges, not because they look ugly, but because they look too much different from their old models.


Sorry for the long post, hope I don't step aside too much from the original topic.

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No - These are all good notes.  Very positive.


I have a gaming night every 2 weeks - With Dystopian wars. We played a league - I ran it and we had 9 players.

Now we are down to 2 players.  2 moved away. 2 got divorced {! had all his minis mysteriously disappear when he ex was at home}.

3 - decided to play Firestorm Armada  {Its like GM having Oldsmobile compete with Buick or Chevy}


I am trying to get more interest - but the FLGS will not carry the models {To pricy} so I purchase extra fleets - paint them up

and actually give them away {Starter Boxes} to entice people to play. I have added a Chinese player/Russian player/ FSA player


Warma-Hordes is tough to compete against for Miniature $ - but then again this is a much different game - I own 4 factions in Warma-hordes

Yet I play Dystopian more. Also I will not play Firestorm Armada - My Spartan $ go to D-wars.

No plans on selling my Uncharted Seas fleets - Game is still fun for beer and pretzels type miniatures.


Take care

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Quite generous of you to paint for new players, that's one big barrier to entry.


Fellas I can Relate.  Patience from Wife/GF is a definite issue, in terms of Purchasing, Painting/Hobby time & Gaming.   I recently picked up the PLC Naval Battlegroup...what are my odds of getting approval for picking up another starter set for another game & start painting?


Exe's know how to hit where it hurts don't they?  PLC Air Cadre, both Ottoman Box sets (some gorgeously painted), French Naval Battle Group, 1/2 of my Russian 2.0 Naval Battlegroup...along with a fortune in GW, Forge World, other systems, all my paints & hobby supplies...All Casualties of a woman's Scorn.  Enough to make a grown man cry.  Yet overtime I've managed to rebuild.


Some numbers behind my earlier impressions that DW releases this year have been relatively light:


To Date Product Releases for 2015:


Firestorm Armada: 28 releases

Planetfall: 39 releases

Halo (only been out a short time): 13 releases

Dystopian Wars: 16 releases

Dystopian Legions: 16 releases

Uncharted Seas: 0 available til November, get 'em while you can 


I don't believe these numbers came by random distribution.  Customer demand? Popularity? Newer games bolstering their lines?  Contracts & deadlines with MicroSoft?

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I understand the concern over UCS but it didn't bother me because I consider DW to be in a reformation period with recent land updates. 


Let's also not forget ordering DW models is dirt cheap. Websites I have been using have allowed me to have fairly big forces on a budget; while FA and P are priced averagely (No matter what a minimal force was around $50-60) while I can and have put together two competent DW forces for the same total. Pricing is what scares a lot of Americans out of wargaming! I was surprised how far the initial french force I bought has gone. Not just cheap but fairly easy to store and assemble.


The issue is how niche it is. Not many people know about it and it can be difficult coaxing them into knowing about it because of the complexity and time needed. My plan is to start organizing games and tournaments locally to get more people interested after painting my armies up. There isn't a retailer near me that carries DW, but the local Magic: the Gathering store happily carries the new Halo line. It takes a little hunting to find out where to get mini's if you are trying to get started all on your own. 

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