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Token stands

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hi all


I have to say I'm not a huge fan of having lots of tokens in my games, so I decided to try and make something to tidy up the tokens in my games


so with a double micro dice frame and a 40x30 piece of mdf I made this






the dice can be used to track hits and crew points lost and there is space on the back for a couple of status tokens and as its the same width as a standard flight base keeps my tokens nice and tidy


I've made about 30 of them for a few pounds



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the dice frame and base came from Warbases


base can be found here select the 30mm x 40mm option at 18 bases for £1.75

2 cell frame as here select the 7mm option at 15 frames for £1.30


microdice I got from my various spartan purchases  over the years but a quick search for 7mm microdice should help you find a supplier


to assemble, just stick the frame to the base using PVA, leave it to dry and spray black

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If you need the dice, or want different sized dice and frames, you could go with minibits http://www.minibits.net/Hit-Marker-Dice-Frames-c22/7mm-Frames-sc62/

You can get their single die frames in packs of 10 with dice included in several colors. Or packs of 20 for just the frames. They have 5mm, 7mm, 10mm and 20mm.

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