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Integration Class Assault Carrier - Thoughts

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I am sitting here having unboxed all my shiny new ships (I admit....i went nuts and did the discounted mega deal) and the ship that is really catching my eye is the Assault Carrier in the Pacification fleet. It looks so sleek and evil and awesome ;)


I am thinking of using it with the following upgrades:


+3 Wing Capacity

+6 AP, remove Planetfall

Second Assault

Special Forces


That is a total of 185 points including the wings. I would probably deploy it with bombers for extra AD punch. It isn't especially tough compared to the Overseer although with reinforced Fore, 2 shields and 7 HP it is still not made of paper.   


I suppose with the AD punch it could be a decent shunt unit, but what do you all think? 



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I tryed it in a different configuration:

+3 Wing Capacity

6 Assault Boats

+1 Shield

+2 Liquidator Frigates


With a little preparation from some friends (like Deterrents and Hostilitys) those are 205 points to take some "used" ships.


My problem was to keep those taken ships. Next time i change the Integration for a Karrak Battle Carrier with Assault Boats and Supportshuttles (to restock crew on my "new" ships).

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Planetfall (Value)


Important Note: Ships with this MAR

do not count towards your minimum tier

requirements for fleet building, though

they do take up the appropriate slot in the

relevant Tier of your fleet building table.


Thats the only part which can make them a little tricky to handle within a normal fleet.


And yes, 10AP is nice, especialy with second assault.

But with Assault Boats you get more dice more times. 

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The Assault Craft target Life Support to cause CP damage, or if that's not a concern, the Bridge to hopefully knock out AP. Then the 10 AP Special Forces have a softer target for capturing.

If all you're looking for is a Boarding shunt-bomb, the Integration is cheaper with the same 2nd Assault, Special Forces, AP 10, 6 Wings combo. (185+ vs 220+). It only has 1 gun and no mines, and of course lacks Difficult Target. It's offensive weapons can be augmented a bit with 2x Frigates, but that's 40 more points, and then basically the same cost as the Attrition. Granted, it's Max AD is 15, vs the Attrition's 12 AD... And some minor added utility (like Assaulting the target's own Accompanyments) but the Attrition still has more offense (and defense) at 220.

The Integration allows Omni-dyne as allies, which is important to some.

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