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Little help for campaign upgrades

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So we've started a campaign to spice things up a bit and have included the ability the gain experience points and 'level up' your ships with a wide variety of potential upgrades, assuming you can keep your ships afloat often... I'm wondering what would be a good cost to add onto each ship after receiving an upgrade. Here's what's available, yes I know it's a lot but don't worry about that, each ship will have a limited amount of upgrades, if any.

Telescopic zoom (on one weapon system)

Redoubtable (on one weapon system)

Corrosive (on one weapon system)

Incendiary (on one weapon system)

Concussive (on one weapon system)

Piercing (on one weapon system)

Pinpoint (on one weapon system)

Sustained fire (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive) (on one weapon system)

Close quarter gunnery (on one weapon system)

High angle (on one weapon system)



Long range assault

Security posts (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive)


+AP (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive)

Terror tactics (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive)


Crew upgrade

Experienced engineers

Spotter 4+

Inventive scientists

Sustained assault (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive)

Specialised defences (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive)

+1 DR

Ablative armour 1

Retardant armour 1

Rugged construction (1 for small/medium, 2 for large/massive)

Advanced engines 2"

+1 Mv

+1 DR

Isolated systems 5+

Hit and run

Sharp turn

Evasive manoeuvre

+1 HP

There are a few options.

-We could increase the cost of the ship by a set %. Although a 10% cost increase could range anywhere from 2 to 30+ points depending on the ship. Perhaps a % with an upper and lower limit? Such as adding 10% to the cost but falling within the range of 5-15?

-It could be nice and easy and simply make each upgrade 5 for a small, 10 for a medium, 15 for a large/massive.

-we could have each upgrade with its own point value, which would involve actually determining and assigning points values to all these things! Which i'd need some input on.

-Or some other idea.

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For a campaign, you don't want to have your ships get too powerful too quickly. I would suggest only minor tweaks, in the form of "once per game" versions of each of your proposed upgrades. This would represent those ships getting things like a crate of special ammunition to test, or something similar. Allow multiple instances of the same upgrade. Set it up in such a way that when the ship gets three of the exact same upgrade, it becomes permanent. Don't charge points for these (or only charge 5pts each) as they're one use items.

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With the way it's been done obtaining a second upgrade on any ship should be quite difficult. While there are a lot of upgrade options, realistically a ship should only have one or two upgrades.

I think if I were to make them one use per game I'd decrease the difficulty of obtaining these upgrades.

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I am doing a campaign where players can 'capture' prototype enhancements- if they win the scenario. They then get to place the prototype on one squadron which is free, but once lost is lost forever. Not an experience thing exactly but it encourages reckless play in one place and conservative play in others- and can provide a power with a much needed tool to help against that power that "has their number' (inherent advantage) or fill a gap that will allow them to complete a mission.

These can be inserted in convoy scenarios, Island scenarios, as part of capturing objectives and even in battles where a power, win or loose ends the battle with certain ships prized.

To show progress for victors in a campaign I start all powers with some limitations and certain victories allow them to be restored- A scenario that allows establishment of forward landing fields which gains the capability to have local air in battles. Taking control of a strait and or neutral port that allows full supply, (prizing convoys would provide one turn of full supply). Supply starts limited to three turns of offensive firing- as many scenarios only go three not a huge limitation but one can set up longer scenarios that would require succeeding at at this one as a prerequisite.  You get the idea. The point isn't to win the campaign, though there are prizes, but to play interesting scenarios and design fleets for a purpose.

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