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CoA ORBAT, Sebenko Edition

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Because the CoA ORBAT still has some glaring flaws, I took it upon myself to write this modified version of the standard ORBAT. The aim is to make some options more viable in the face of others. My thoughts are noted in italics.

Movement 14"
Replace the Drone Feedback rule with "All firing at drones gains +1 to hit. In addition, each time a Support Aircraft Squadron is removed from the board, d2 drones from the scrapyard are removed from play. If there are insufficient drones in the scrapyard, remove drones from the board."

Allows drones to be expendable, but discourages hundreds of tiny 3 SAW squadrons clogging up activations.

Diophantus Assault Carrier
Points 215
CR 11
Drone Launcher (9) upgrade costs 40 points


Four Dreadnoughts? Really? No. No no no no no.

Aristotle Battleship
Specialised Defences (2)

May choose one of:
    Shield Generator (3) for +10 points
    Energy Turrets (S) for +20 points

Euclid Sky Dreadnought
Points 280
Drone Launcher (9)

Epicurus Sky Fortress
Points 170
May relaunch drones within 8"

Alternately, if the stupid megabots can have pages of special rules:
Drone Cannon (T) */*/-/-
Drone Cannon: If the Epicurus could have performed a relaunch action and chose not to, it may fire the Drone Cannon. The AD of the Drone Cannon is equal to 3x the Epicurus' remaining Drone Launcher points. Each time it is fired, remove two drones from the scrapyard.


I miss the cool drone cannon from 1.1

Daedalus-Beta Large Flyer
Points 160
Surface Mines x4 4/-/-/-
This model is equipped with an internal Mine Controller Generator (12")

Why bother with mines on a large model like the Daedalus, when a Ptolemy or Alea will always do the job better? They have to be more useful to justify the cost. And it's clear we're not going to get a real front-line fighter out of the Daedalus.

Icarus Medium Flyer
Points 80
Fore Energy Gun 6/6/-/-
Energy Turrets upgrade costs 5 points

Capek Interceptor
Points 65
Fore Energy Guns 5/5/5/5

Points 170

Without the mobility it had before, the Herodotus' main weapon, the Particle Accelerator, isn't going to hit anything that doesn't blunder into the way.

Arronax Assault Robot

Seriously, it's pointless in naval games at the moment.

Skorpios Heavy Tank-Hunter Walker
Points 75

They barely justify 75, let alone 80 points.

Atticus Medium Walker
Replace Fore Guns with Fore Energy Guns
Fore Energy Guns 7/7/-/-

I worked out that they made good AA defence in 1.1, but since 2.0 even that was taken from them. At the moment, I have no idea what these are for.

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Agreed, but beyond 1 narrow useage as a single air assault squad, what to do with squad 2 & 3? Hide them behind the mediums while they advance till they get into knife fighting range for the boarding game? They used to have alot more utility

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