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Quick Wraith question

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hi all


quick question


the Directorate Wraith doesn't have the Assault Vehicle MAR so I wanted to verify the sequence to deploy the Haunter and the Grand Company


so the set up is, the wraith is transporting the Haunter and its the beginning of a turn with the directorate having initiative


Directorate player chooses his Leviathan helix and activates the wraith, the wraith makes a standard move and then fires on a target


enemy player activates something


Directorate player activates the Haunter transport, it disembarks from the Wraith is placed adjacent to it and then makes its movement and carries out any cqb and main ordnance fire, then at the end of its activation (as the Haunter does have the Assault Vehicle MAR) it can disembark the Grand Company that can move and possibly storm a building


is this the correct procedure as I'm sure in the past I saw people activate the wraith and then immediately activate the haunter and then the GC all in 1 activation?





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