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Best non-Veydreth allies for Sorylians?

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I have a bunch of Sorylians and Veydreth, but I'm worried that a bunch of new Sorylian players at my LGS will follow suit and we'll all have very "samey" fleets.  What are some other good allies for the Sorylians?  I might want to pick some up myself and also just promote fleet diversity among our players.

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Personally I think Ryushi make a really interesting counterbalance. They have things that we dont (Beams and decent defence against SRS with bigger betteries on their cruisers and lots of SRS themselves on their capital ships) and they have some similar things like big ship squadrons that we are familiar with.

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Tarkarian's Gravity weapons can be used to keep big ships back from your rail gun ships and to pull enemies into boarding range of other squads.

Aquan cruisers or the heavy carrier can make a nice addition with their DT and your ability to easily sweep any smalls that try to hit them. Plus they're pretty good in their own right.

Terran and Hawker can complement your nuclear arsenals with their own and have some top notch small/ medium ships.

Teraquai can add additional ranged punch and complement any boarding.

Oroshan are good with everyone. Their play style is very similar also with lots of big squadrons, great boarding, pack hunters, etc.

Really any of the MotR fleets since they're built to complement everyone nicely and add a lot of neat extra twists.

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Just remember that as non-Natural Allies you have a 25% fleet point rule.  Thus at 800pt, your choices may be limited.   All of the above suggestions are good depending on the Sorylian list you're playing to begin with.


What the Sorylians lack is long range, good SRS choices, and mines.  Your choice should provide at least one of these things.


The Aquans with a 4-Cruiser squad +1MN at 200pt is a great start.


Depending on your point totals, a Terran Carrier might not be a bad choice either.  (125pt plus 45-60pt in SRS and an upgrade, comes in at 200pt or less)


If you're looking for something more exotic, a Syndicate Battlecruiser rocks at 800pt (and it's a single model).  At 1200pt Xelocian Cruisers have the long range firepower Sorylians lack.   

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