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My analyses of our smalls (for naval fights)

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Price tag: the price of the unit (hit points per 10 points)
Firepower: max linked number of dice in the different rangebands.
Firing angles: how easy it is to allign the ship for maximum firepower.
speed: the movement of the unit.
Mobility: How easy it is for the unit to turn
Durability: It's combined defensive statistics.
Boarding: how many AP it has (and HP per 10 points)

Special: any specialties worth mentioning.'

Uses: How I see it's uses.

Note: my personal note.

Price-Tag: 105 for 3 units (0.57HP/10pt) (regular price per unit, but low # units)
Firepower: 8/12/8, causes fire
Firing angles: unrestricted
Speed   : low
Mobility: unrestricted
Durability: Great. small+elusive target, cr 6 makes it better than most smalls
Boarding: 6AP (0.57AP/10pt)

Special: may move on land/islands.

Uses: Hunt smalls, boarding opportunities, strike & retreat, extremely flexible.
Causes Fire and good enough firepower to damage most units, makes it a threat to anything.

Note: versus smalls, it's actually very good. Thanks to elusive and Cr 6, one squad versus one squad, it will beat the **** out of most smalls. 3 times 6 attack dice isn't a bad choice versus small either, and it's super easy to setup an use all it's potential. Fire isn't necessarily that helpful versus smalls, but it can be a nice surprise anyway. It can anyway exploit it's AP to do a boarding too. It's also easy to board & fire at something different simultaneously.

Price-tag: 150pt, for 5 (0.67HP/10pt).
Firepower: 9/12/15 rockets, causes fire (potentially damage anything in RB3)
Firing angles: slightly limited
Mobility:       limited
speed         : excellent
Durability    : wonderful. evasive maneuvers (+1), flying and small => amazing
Boarding      : 5AP (0.33AP/10pt),

Specials      : hunter flying, used both for rockets & AA.

Uses: hunt air using rockets and AA. Hunt SAS. Forward position, initial strike
Boarding opportunities. Great at hunting down stratospheric fliers or other small fliers.

Note: Some specials, excellent durability, good first punch firepower which causes fire! But forward pointing gun which is best at RB 3, might be tricky! But combined with great durability, great speed and fires => not useless at boarding opportunities which may arise.
(I have not played with it jet)

Price-Tag:  100pt for 5 units (1HP/10pt) (cheap)
Firepower: 15/ 9/ 6  (full squad should damage whatever in RB 1)
Firing angles: super easy
Mobility      : Great (small+sharp turn)
Speed         : Excellent
Durability    : Low, small and elusive target, but still only 4 in CR.
Boarding      : 10Ap in 5 groups (1AP/10pt), reckless, high speed => excellent

Specials      :

Uses          : Coming from out of nowhere, then shooting and boarding at RB1

Note: I find these very fun and good units. The speed and haste they can be put forward from behind an island, makes them very sneaky indeed. They are cheap to.

Price-Tag:  100pt for 5 units (1HP/10pt) (cheap)
Firepower :  15/ -/-/-  causes 1HP 1Ap damage, fire and corrosive damage
Firing angles: super easy
Mobility  : Excellent
Speed     : Good
Durability: Excellent submerged, OK while on surface, small and elusive target
Boarding  : 15 AP (1.5/10pt), reckless, but robotic!

Specials: Diving. Move under models etc. Can choose when to pop up.

Uses    : forward position, strike something to open of for boarding opportunities by others. May choose to do emergency dive after flaming, or to board, with potential to damage anything.

Note: I like these. Fire into their enemies large opens up for boarding.
Large amount of randomness with damage. If lucky, a single flamer strike can do large amount of damage. A crittical on boarding isn't unlikely either, regardless of enemy size. And some of the critical damage may stack nicely with the damage already inflicted by the flamer.  Inflicting 3HP, 1AP, 2 corrosive markers and 2 fire's +1 roll on crit table isn't that unlikely versus large units. That opens it op for boarding.

Price-Tag:  120pt for 4 units (0.67/10pt) (normal price)
Firepower:  21/14/9/-   Good firepower!
Firing angles: restrictive
Mobility: Great
Speed   : Good
Durability: Good
Boarding  : 4 AP (0.33/10pt), Opportunist at best

Specials: Potential trick: broadsides can fire at both sides.

Uses: move forward, BANG! But fixed channels is slightly irritating, even with good mobility. But good enough firepower to damage anything!!!

Price-Tag: 160pt for 4 units (0.5HP/10pt) (high price)
Firepower: 12/8/3 + 13/16/18, rockets, causes fire (more nasty than I thought)
Firing angles: slightly limited + very easy
Mobility: Great
Speed   : Good
Durability : Good, but not better than Uwatsu, and more expensive
Boarding   : 8AP. (0.5AP/10pt) Not to be under-estimated

Uses: fire rockets at whatever it can. Can board something if need be.
Expensive small, without better protection, but nasty nasty rockets!

Note, I haven't played with these, but now writing this I see their potential...
Expensive though.

Price-Tag: 180pt for 4 units (0.67HP/10pt) (very high price, but not per hp)
Firepower: 21/18/-/- faster torpedoes, causes fire
Firing angles: slightly limited
Mobility: Great
Speed   : low
Durability: Excellent! (3HP per unit, small target, 6 CR)
Boarding  : 12+4AP (0.67AP/10pt or 0.89AP/10pt), aggressive. Low speed but good durability

Uses: Boarding and hunt all kinds of surface vessels at close range. Close as soon as possible.

Note: The most expensive small of them all. But not in terms of HP/point. Cost 50% more than Uwatsu, but also has 50% more HP, which soon may translate to more than 50% better durability. And it is an amazing boarding threat. Is slower than Urgi and don't have RB3 firepower, but is far more durable. It does not have the AP per point as the Fujin, and its far slower, but it's far more durable (enough to threaten anything), and better firepower in RB 1 and 2.

Looking forward to trying one!

All in all:
Our smalls have EXCELLENT durability thanks to +1 in Cr. As useuall for smalls, mobility and
speed is good. The Uwatsu may still be our default small ship to use, but all other options are very fun too.  

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Comparing our smalls to other nations smalls:

(note I haven't played versus or with most of these, I've played mostly against FSA)


KoB frigate


Price-Tag: 120pt for 4 units (0.67HP/10pt)
Firepower:  18/14

                    - /10/8/5 Torpedo
Firing angles: Easy


                      All combined: restrictive

Mobility: Normal
Speed   : Medium
Durability: Medium
Boarding  : 4AP (0.33AP/10pt) Opportunist at best.


Special: torpedoes can fire on both sides


Note: Good firepower, and firepower out to R4 is good for a small. But fixed channel and torpedos. Only 5 of them combined.  Imagine it's not easy to exploit both torpedoes AND guns.

And it is slightly easier for them to use two of their weapons system than it is for the Uwatsu. Based not stats, not my first options, then their

Attack submarine seems far more interesting.


Prussia Frigate:

Price: 120 for 4 units (0.67HP/10point)

Firepower: 15/13/5   Tesla!   (front)

                   10/8        Tesla! (aft)

Fireing angles: easy


                         combine both: hard but not impossible

Mobility:           Normal

Speed              Excelent

Durability          Medium

AP                   8AP  (0.67AP/10pt) Agressive


Note: Tesla kills AP.  Excelent small, which kills AP if it hits, and has 8 AP on it's own. Not impossible to use both front and aft guns as a trick either.


This one seems to me like a very good small. Good boarding threat, good firepower, fast.



FSA Frigate

I've played against this one, and it might be said that our is slightly better, but not much. The FSA sets up it's firepower easier than ours.

With the new addition, this one is just scary


Price 100pt (0.8HP/10pt)

Firepower: 18/14

Fireing angles: easy

Mobility: medium

Speed: medium, or great but only if you sacrifce all your mobility!

Durability : medium+

AP           : 4AP (0.33AP/10pt)


Specials: Sharpshooters!


Note: +1 in CR is better than +1in DR for smalls.  We have better firepower in RB 1. We are more durable, have sharp-turn which makes us more flexible in movement. And we have some firepower in RB 3, Good enough to kill one (or maybe two) smalls. But they are cheaper, and have Sharpshooters! Sharpshooters is a gimic on a capital ships. One BB, can maybe kill one AP, if within 8'' and lucky. Sharpshooters on their very cheap, fast, smalls, is more scary!


In my view, maybe the best frigate in the game.


Russian: (have actual game experience from this one, or atleast the old one)

Price 120pt (0.67HP/10pt)

Firepower:   18/10 primary, concussive

                     8/10  mortar

Firingangles: unlimited

Mobility       : Fantastic

Speed         : very low

Durability    : medium - (low AA and CC)

AP              : 8 AP (0.67AP/10pt)   conscription


Special: recon


Note: this is one of the frigates with the greatest charm of them all. And the 360^o movement, 0'' minimal movement and 360^o firing angles are fantastic. 8 conscripted AP. (used to be 12). A recon and mortars means it can fire indirectly if need be. It has primary guns though, thus gets -1 to hit on point blank grange. But # dice helps. I don't say it's very powerful, especially not with the modifications, but it does have charm.



Price 100pt (0.8HP/10pt) Cheap!

Firepower: 13/10/8/5 Torpedoes


Firing Angles: easy


                       combined: difficult

Mobility: medium

speed  : medium

Durability: medium


Special: broadside fire on both side


Note: firepower out to RB 4 with torpedoes, straight forward so easy to use in beginning of battle. But Torpedoes with low firepower at that RB, and I imagine difficult to use both weapons systems.

Cheap though!



Price 100 for 4. (0.8HP/10pt)

Firepower 8/8/8/8 faster torpedoes


Firing angles: easy


                       combined: difficult

Mobility: medium

Speed : Good

Durability: medium

AP:   4 AP (0.4A/10pt) elite


Special: hit & run


Faster torpedoes makes the torpedoes usable at RB4. Curious how helpful hit & run is. Broadside can fire on both sides. Maybe not a obvious unit to invest large points into, but cheap.

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Glad I could help! :)


Agree that FSA and Prussian ones seems good. (the FSA I know is good). The Covenant, maybe. Time will show when I play with (or against) them.

Don't underestimate the Russian one two. It's better than it seems. Although it has been hit with a drastic nerf bat, their fantastic 360^o movement

and 0'' min move is very powerful.


I like smalls. Powerful smalls are important to the game. It's only when the smalls are powerful, that the other classes shines.

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Interesting comparison between the Russian frigate and the Russian heavy frigate.


The Russian heavy frigate

Price 120 for 4. (0.67HP/10pt)

Firepower 13/15/-/-

Firing angles: unlimited

Mobility: Excelent

Speed : Slow

Durability: medium ++ (+1 in Dr, normal AA, great CC)

AP:   12 AP (1AP/10pt) Conscription


Special: hunt submerged, recon, redoubtable (not that usefull, but makes things very easy)


Note: So compared to the Russian normal frigate, it has far better durability, very good at hunting submerged units, better boarding... It seems as if it is better in all ways... But there is one thing the russian regular frigate outshines the heavy frigate... Firepower! x2 10 in rb2 is in many situations far better than x1 15. It also has 18dice primary guns in RB1, even if it do get -1 to hit, it can still be preaty deadly. And at the same time it can stil fire it's mortars.


Conclussion: it depends on what you are expecting to face. If facing lots of torpedoes, the heavy frigates 3CC helps. (5 if atleast 1 heavy frigate can link in defensive fire). Versus large units, maybe the heavy fritage is better. It's better at boarding too. BUT, the normal frigate does have better firepower, especially when 10 attack dice could be expected to do a critical.

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Having taken the Sui for the first time in a game recently, I would suggest another line of analysis; which roles can you put them in. I've seen the Uses section, but I'd add something like this;


Alternative Roles: defending long range weapon platforms from fast-closing boarding threats. Goes well with Arashi.

I think you'll like them!

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Good analyses, as I play both EotBS and FSA I pretty much agree with it.


I like to screen a unit of Sui with either a unit Uwatsu ot Fujin. They have to respect the threat of the screening unit and when it clears you hit them with the flaming torpedoes :)


As good as they are I do like the FSA  Augusta alot as the Sharp shooter ability is fantastic but I still think that the Uwatsu is the best Frigate. I have seen these consistently do more damage to more things than any other small. They do not have to rely on any gimmick to do it.

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You may be correct that the EotBS small is still very good, cuz it's simple and good. But as me, facing the FSA, their small seems very scary now.



I like it by the way. FSA has been (at least my oppoenent) very heavy on the largest units. Increasing the power of the FSA's small, indirectly improves the value of light cruiser.

And I like light cruisers :)

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Zarigani I believe can board while submerged. A large/massive with just a crits worth of damage will have low cc to defend against the robot assault. I'd say it would probably have the safest most reliable damage output out all of them. Plus a flamey corrosive thing!!!

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Zarigani I believe can board while submerged. A large/massive with just a crits worth of damage will have low cc to defend against the robot assault. I'd say it would probably have the safest most reliable damage output out all of them. Plus a flamey corrosive thing!!!


Are you sure?


But the Zarigani is nice yes.

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Zarigani I believe can board while submerged. A large/massive with just a crits worth of damage will have low cc to defend against the robot assault. I'd say it would probably have the safest most reliable damage output out all of them. Plus a flamey corrosive thing!!!


The Zarigani does not have the "Aquatic Assault" MAR. Therefore it can't board while submerged.

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