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Hiya all

I have started a small campaign of 4 people (me,gf,and my 2 best friends) sadly so small as of everyone's inflicted schedule. As far as feet's we have this and I'll post detailed list when I get them all:

Me eotbs

Girlfriend: Brits

Bf 1:FSA

Bf a:China

Here is a link to rules,made a modified rule set from speer: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-83q4kjwllyT1z7uX6GWf4zVndGDUCbLJAztEqWV2Ck/edit?usp=docslist_api

Here is the map I whipped up,tryed to spherah it out to give itr a old look but it made it to hard to see the islands so I gave it a shade filter then contrast on full


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By buggery, that's an ambitious project! It kind of reminds me of the story-type expansions on Descent such as Sea of Blood, where the tactical game is expanded with a strategic one. Do keep us posted how it works out, this could be a really cool way to do a campaign!

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Hiya all,we start our campaign to marrow so as such all my friends are waiting last minute to send in list but fear not I have fluffyness for you. I present the commadores in pic order...



Shiro kaijū {strange white beast}

birth name: Jonathan k. Nemo (former FSA though how me became the commodore of a japense shadow fleet is only known between him and the empress)


Suchīrukurāken no kantai {Fleet of the steel kraken}


Lady magarite pennybottom the 3rd. Duchess of davenshire

Fleet name: queen of the frozen stars


fleet officer: Fleet Admiral Henry Eden Fremont

Fleet name: the Northern California fleet


fleet officer: chairman Mao Zedong

Fleet name: the red wake





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