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AAR FSA vs Poles Vs Mysterious Island (CoA-sort-of)

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Mysterious Island Scenario

1,000 pts each.
 PLC vs FSA vs Mysterious Island ( CoA)

Mission: Defeat the island defenses, board and take the laboratory with advanced tech, steal some tech and destroy the lab before the other power gets it. Prevent the other power from leaving with the tech at any cost!

The PLC was all skimmers, and fliers- good for this scenario

1 Bazdog Pocket BB

3 Padoga Cruisers

2 Marowit Gunships

4 Bagiennik Frigates

1 Zamiec Sky Fortress 2 SAS (5,4)

2 Gryf Flame Airships

2 Szabla Interceptors


1 Liberty Heavy BB

1 San Francisco Assault Carrier 2 SAS (5.1)

1 Boston Attack Sub

1 B-72 Heavy Bomber/CAP (3 F)

3 Georgetown Cruisers

8 Revere Corvettes

6 Turtle assault submarines

Island defenders

Four experimental generators- two facing each enemy

Two batteries of two Quad turrets- two facing each enemy 

One SAS squad of five drones

One squadron of six drone mini-subs

One Bunker Complex Laboratory (10 Elite AP, 7 AA), two Generator Broadcast stations, two drone relay stations.

Both sides set up 26" in an arc from the island, opposite from each other. The Island will not initiate an attack on anything outside 16" unless it attacks first.

Turn 1

The PLC moved first. He decided to close to just outside16" on his first turn, preventing any fire or attacks from the island. He thought they had unlimited attack capability. They don’t.

My first turn moves were similar, moving my bomber and a squadron of Reveres to just outside 16”. However I decided I needed to move things along on my third activation and moved my second squad of Reveres forward and damaged a Quad turret for 2 HP. In their turn the Island Quad batteries on the FSA side missed with their combined fire attack, my Polish opponent rolled badly for the Island.

The Poles moved up their Pocket Battleship on his right side and shot the Quad turret nearest him, doing a point of damage. In response the Island launched a squadron of drone mini-subs but they were out of range for an attack.

I then moved my Boston forward and used the node launcher to land a Disruption Generator node next to main building, taking out all experimental Generators and a Shield generator for another building. With the generators down I moved my Assault Carrier in range to attack the main Lab building. Being massive it could see over the medium hills protecting the facility. I was able to get a hard Pounding critical hit resulting in a loss of 1 AP and two fires. We used a modified Crit table which re-assigned rolls that pertained only to ships.  

The Island Defenders sent out a squadron of drone fighters to attack my B-72 but were out of range but left a threat for the next turn. (This was actually a ruse to keep the drones from being relaunched against his fliers.) The FSA Liberty BB and Georgetown whiffed on long range attacks on the island and took out a Drone SAW each. My fighters had already activated.

The Island had their Experienced Engineers do some friendly boarding to repair HPs on the Quad Turrets on both sides the Island, (they get to do two with the same engineers) but failed to repair the generators in the end phase.  

Photo 1. AAR Mysterious Island


Turn 2

In turn two the Poles were still too far to assault the island, even with the eight AP of 10” range special troops the scenario provided. The FSA was positioned well. The first squadron of Reveres moved to the Island edge and went all stop. They’re normal boarders assaulted the lab and were massacred but took out four more of the Lab’s elite AP. The Corvette guns did some minor damage to the redoubtable Quad Turrets. Which did nothing in return. The Poles started moving in, knocking down the Quad Turrets and attempting to put some damage on the Lab.

The FSA moved in with the San Francisco AC but did only a single HP of damage. The Island struck back, sending out the squadron of drone subs to attack the Assault Carrier. 14 Dice- Whiff. As the FSA brought in more firepower attacking the Lab, the Quad Turrets and the Poles things were clarifying a bit. However the island defender had it in for the carrier. 

The Georgetowns hit the quads with rockets and the lab with guns-dealing more damage, Fires in the Lab, Redoutable Quad turrets getting hurt bad.

The island attacks the Carrier-Again! Drones whiff again!

The Liberty advances and attacks the Polish Gryf Flame Airships, Crit it with ½ speed (if I recall). The Island attacks the Carrier with drone subs once more- this time double critting it- 4 HP damage and multiple fires! 

The Poles fire with the Gryfs and miss. The drone subs attack the Gunships on the Pole’s right and crit one with ½ AD.  Polish Frigates attack, damaging a Quad Turret, More Fires!, The Island Quads strike back an destroy a Frigate, The Polish morale is strong and the Frigates don’t break. The Island is on the edge, The Lab’s redoubtable AA has been reduced, The AP is down to 4, Who will get in and hold for a turn?!

We run out of time! One last throw of the dice with the second squad of FSA Reveres go in with the 8 SOF AP and 2 reckless Whiff! Game is a draw- AGAIN!

Photo 2.AAR Mysterious Island

Here’s the deal- a complicated scenario but the key is this- SPEED! The FSA should have taken all Kinetic generators. The Poles, who are not real fast, needed to charge all in. They needed some Russian Corvettes as well. The Polish skimmer fleet could see the lab well with their extra height but were largely out of range. This should be a game with your AP occupying the lab at the end of turn two. Hold against the opposition, for one activation, and skedaddle with the goods.

It still needs some adjustments- but the island drones were deadly, if the generators were online it would have been very rough going. Rockets were of limited use- all buildings but the quads were fortresses. Aerial gunships, skimmers, good IDF and fast boarders are the tools here. There was supposed to be a limit of one aerial squadron each but the Poles got two, they needed it. The scenario calls for a minefield on each side of the island with nasty stacked mines which appear after they are activated. Ugh! The drones need to be limited to one attack per turn each and an mandatory attack when in range to prevent the players from leaving one to be plinked down  and out of play. Also limit of one per side.  We will play it again, someone MUST get goodies to use later in the campaign!

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Is this a scenario of your own devising, or is there a spot to look up the particulars? We have yet to throw in a third party in our battles, this looks like something that I would like to tryout. Thanks for the report and the inspiration.

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It is one I designed, after stealing the basic idea. Did you want the scenario? Its fairly complicated, can be simplified. It is set up to be played with two or three players. I can upload it somewhere ( there is a map and some tables). Or email it you (easiest)

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It is one I designed, after stealing the basic idea. Did you want the scenario? Its fairly complicated, can be simplified. It is set up to be played with two or three players. I can upload it somewhere ( there is a map and some tables). Or email it you (easiest)


...Or you can upload it to the forums for all to see!

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The site is serving other purposes. Mostly for my campaign. Please use as you see fit.

The scenarios are complicated. I like complicated scenarios. The scenarios special rules all flow and seem evident to me. I come from the board gaming background with scenarios for games like Advanced Squad Leader.

Yep, that explains it.

I am bored by meeting engagement battles. I like battles that emphasize a larger context where losses are not the main measure of success.

There are a number of good scenarios, Hard Pounding has some and the 2nd National Dystopian Wars Tournament thread in the general forum. These are solid and not as complicated.

Read and take what you like. It's all good.

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