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relthoza battleship,paintscheme test

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Looks good so far. I would encourage something to catch the eye though. At the moment the palate makes the ship blur into itself a bit. Although, given the nature of the fleet this may work in your favor. I think that an accent color that pops just a bit more in strategic locations would help the a lot.

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If you want a 'realistic' hard vacuum look with deep shadows then you can't go far wrong with a black wash.

Google for pre-CGI Star Trek spaceship or (real world) space walk pics for examples of how strong shadows are without an atmosphere to soften them.


CGI SciFi tended to lessen the shadows so all the whizzy details on the 3D models could be better appreciated ;)

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With the earth tones, black wash may not be your best option. A dark brown, like a walnut might work better for your particular painting efforts.

I would agree if this were a Planetfall model operating in an atmosphere where few shadows are truly black (a similar effect to why the sky is blue).


In space shadows are black because there is no moisture vapour to diffuse the light and give colour to shadowed areas.

A black wash might not be as pretty as umber of paynes grey but it IS more realistic.


I am less convinced that the Relthoza sculpts will actually produce hard shadow lines when 'washed', this is one reason why I didn't buy them during the recent 50% off mega deal.



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