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A few rules clarifications ...

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Hi all,


A few of my friends have been playing Planetfall for the last couple of months and have been really impressed with the game as a whole - awesome figures, nice balance between the factions and simple, yet nuanced rules. A winner all round really.


Anyway, in today's three-way blood bath a couple of situations occurred that left us a little stumped - any help would be greatly appreciated.


1. Are cyber attacks considered main ordnance attacks? We were wondering whether or not they got exploding 6s against cloaked units.


2. The Terran racial allows re-rolling of 'initial' 1s for shield saves. Does a 1 from an exploding 6 count as an 'initial' 1 or is it just the initial shield dice pool this applies to?


3. If a unit with the 'command' MAR is destroyed and some of the units in the helix are off the table and yet to be deployed, do those units have to take the immediate disorder test? Do they take it once they hit the table? Or do they avoid it altogether?


Thanks in advance.



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1: A cyber attack is a MO attack, it's just like any other MO weapon just it has the Cyber MAR, meaning it ignores shields and doesn't do damage etc. Just treat it like an MO weapon with a MAR rule like any other weapon with a MAR rule. Which wierdly does mean that since the MAR only states it ignores shields, does mean it doesn't ignore Cloak.


2: No, initial roll is only from he initial pool of dice you roll, 1s rolled from additional Exploding 6 dice do not get to be re-rolled.


3: I don't know the answer to this one off the top of my head, so someone else will have to take that question up..! I would assume you cannot take a Disorder test until you are actually deployed.. but I could be wrong.

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 Morning. I'm not sure I agree with your interpretation of #2.  If I get additional dice from exploding shields, the first time I roll that dice it is the initial roll. As such, we reroll it.

From the PDF rulebook, p.28



Initial Dice


There are many effects in the game that determine the number of Dice that are to be rolled. Whenever the rules mention Initial Dice in this book, we are referring to your total number of Dice BEFORE adding any extra Dice from other sources or effects, such as the Exploding Dice mechanic, described later.


That says to me the 1's from any exploding dice are not re-rolled.

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