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The Merc's Terrans and Sory's

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Hey everyone. I've never done a log of my painting progress before because to be honest until I got into Spartan Games I wasn't much into painting my little toy soldiers. I guess when you find a game where you enjoy it enough and care enough about how your models look when you're facing off against an opponent you find the motivation you need.


Anyway I am going to use this thread to keep track of my progress on my Terran and Sory forces for planetfall. Currently I'll be painting pretty much every other weekend when I get the chance. That means this will be a slow churning project but I'm hoping to get both armies done in a relatively decent amount of time.


A final note I'm painting this up with the goal of achieving a tabletop standard. I'm by no means an amazing painter but I've been getting progressively happier with the results I am putting out. Always looking for feedback and advice though.


So a list of the things that I've got to work one.


2x Core Helix's

1x Heavy armor Helix

1x Hawker Industries aerial allied helix



2x Core Helix's

1x Heavy Armor Helix


At the moment both of the Terran Core Helix's are undercoated and I've got a unit of the Valkyrie recon buggies/tanks finished as a scheme tester. Though their bases still need to be painted.



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Thanks for the comments guys, with only really getting every other Friday to paint work on my stuff is going to be slow but hopefully study. But I've made some progress and even have pics to show.
Funny you should mention wishing everyone would give painting their minis a try Spellduckwrong because a few years back I was one of those gamers who didn't paint their models. I think it's just the fact now that I'm enjoying the games I play enough to want my minis to look good or as good as I can get them to look lol.
Also not really sure why I ended up doing them in a two tone color scheme I just didn't really like the solid color that they are usually portrayed in. Funnily enough my buddy said they reminded him of G.I. Joe vehicles which prompted the battle cry of Yo Joe! throughout our first test game.


First squad almost done minus some flock on the bases and a few touch ups I want to go back and do like on the headlights.






Second Squad blocked in, waiting for a chance to finish these up.






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Got some more time to work on painting this weekend and managed to finish up my second squad of terran recon buggies/tanks. I'm a bit happier with these than the first squad and I think its because I used a black ink instead of a brown ink and took a bit more time with my drybrushing. Still not 100% happy with the headlights but I'll figure that out at some point.








The Heimdalls are next up on the list. I think I'm going to put off the infantry till the very end because I'm not really sure how I'm going to go about tackling them.

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