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Bessemer's Painting Log

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Yes, made from the resin half-ring, and it's easy to do.

Make a shallow cut with a saw/knife on the underside to weaken it where you want to cut, and snap off (Personally I just butchered them with a Stanley knife, hence the poor edges...). Each half-ring gets you 4 wing sections, so it's still 1 half-ring per ship.

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Okay, just about to add some of my newer works...only to find that Postimag.org has deleted/lost some of my pics. Have yet to hear from them, anyone else experienced this? Was it resolved? I haven't touched my account for a good while, that may have something to do with it:s

Problem solved

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OK, proper camera charged...should really try to take pics in the daytime for once...

Shautrai and Hokita's







Something of a failed experiment on these. Tried for an offset criss-cross, but the shape of the vessels made placing masking tape a bugger to achieve properly. Also the dark green doesn't make them pop as good as it should. Another, lighter layer would make the difference. When you think you're done...






For anyone thinking of tracking any of these down, don't! They're a pain in the rear in every aspect! Too front heavy, even on the long bases, the snap off at the slightest touch (why there's only 3 in the main pic, not 4 ) and a nightmare to put together. No wonder SG canned these.

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