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Bessemer's Painting Log

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Thanks, mate. That means something coming from you!

Just a tip for when you get your Omnidyne built, Keep the rings separate! Can't see it in the photos but I but orange on the engine blisters. Painting these is a nightmare once the rings are glued on. Don't know how I'm going to do it on my Auditors...

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Just by drybrushing. Started off with blue (forgot the name, sorry). Add to the area you think the glow would reach. Then add white to the original and repeat, but leave some of the previous layers still showing. Effectively, start wide but finish narrow. There's about 3 shades of blue before using white as a final highlight.

An airbrush would give you a better finish.My camera is very forgiving on the final product:D

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Colours used (from black undercoat), Obviously you can use whatever;)

Exlie blue (P3)

Cygnar Blue Highlight (P3)

Khador Red Base (P3)

Orange Fire (Vallejo)

Turquoise (Vallejo)

Copper (Tamiya-XF-6)

Dwarf Bronze (GW-Old pot from the 90's!)

Flesh Wash (GW- another refugee from the 90's!)

Yriel Yellow (GW)

Ceramite white (GW- thinned down, as it's a base. White scar is the standard white)

Start with Exlie blue Drybrush, then Cygnar blue drybrush and then turquoise wherever you want it. For the metallic parts, Copper, wash with Flesh wash and highlight with Dwarf bronze. Engine glow just paint red, mix in a little orange, then yellow and a dot of white to finish off. Highlights on other colours as you see fit, the ones I put on hardly show on camera!

Would love to see the results.:)

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