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Covenant changes

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New Orbat is up, I probably certainly missed some stuff but I just skimmed entries I was interested in:


Changes I noted


Diophantus is now a Dreadnaught in stats:

DR 7, CR 13

AP 9, AA 7, CC 6

Pts: 265


Drone launcher 9 costs 35pts




Energy turrets 6/6/6/6 (maybe that was always there, my older Orbat version is quite old)

Mv 7"

AP 6, AA 6, CC 6

Pts: 185








Internal SH (3)

Engineers (Expert)




380pts (that one didn't last long)

Mv 6"



Finally this alteration to Drones:

Drone-Link Feedback: Each time a Covenant Drone is forced to Ditch or is Destroyed roll a D6: On the roll of a 1, 2 or 3 the Drone is NOT placed in the Scrapyard and is instead removed from play entirely. This means the drone is no longer available to be launched by the Covenant Forces.


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Drones also have only mv 12'' instead of the old 14'' now.



300 pts instead of 275

Carrier 6 instead of 9

9 costs 35 extra.

strategic value 125 instead of 100

most of the options have their price increased by 5.


(pretty rough if you ask me)




price 170 -> 180

strategic value 50 -> 75





Turn limit 3'' !

large turning template.

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Hipassus is 120 points

Capeks are 70 points

Ptolemys are 65 now.

Kepler is now 95 points, 6AD E-Broadside and can attach to an Aristotle.

Plutarch is 45 points.


Also the introduction of specialist group squadrons, many of which look very nice.


Overall, I'm liking this update. Time will tell if the Drone changes are too harsh, but I can't argue that something like this wasn't needed. I love the changes to the Aristotle, and most of the carrier point changes are offset by the nice reduction in Aristotle cost. Does mean that it feels like an actual choice now. The Daedalus-beta may actually find a place in my list, too! Looks like it's a rough and tumble combat flyer now, and is different enough in points cost from the Epicurus (especially with the E-turrets) to be relevant.


In addition, on the Coeus: Guess who'd looking smug right now? This guy!

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Here is my exhaustive list of changes (sorry for duplication of the above ones, but I typed this up in MS word before seeing this thread)


Faction-wide rules:

Faster torpedoes is no longer a default rule for all CoA vessels.






-5pts cost for Dilation field generator option




Now classed as a Dreadnought Assault Carrier

+65 pts

+1 Dr, +2 CR

+1 AP, AA and CC

Faster torpedoes

Strategic value now 100

Drone Launcher (9) upgrade is now 35pts

May not launch drones whilst wavelurking




-15 pts

Energy turrets +1AD at all ranges

+1 MV

-1 AA, +2 CC

upgrade to e-turrets costs 20 points




-10 pts

Faster torpedoes

Strategic value (100)

(as a side note, did anyone ever notice that the normal turrets on the Pericles are 9/7/6/4? Stronger than the Aristotle!)




+5 pts

Faster torpedoes

E-turret upgrade is now 15pts




E-Broadside +1AD at all ranges (Single Fresnel links to 10 AD, a pair now link for 16)




+1 MV




Faster Torpedoes




+10 pts (and bloody well deserved!)

E-broadsides -1 AD at all ranges (... slightly less well deserved. Pair now link for 9 AD)

Attachment (Aristotle: 1) (Want to know what a full e-turret Aristotle and a Kepler link up for? 18/18/18/18!)




no change, but a pair of e-turret Plato and a single Fresnel (new specialist group) links for 16 AD. Will open a new topic for discussing the new squadrons...)




-5 pts




Faster Torpedoes




-5 pts.

Mucked up entry, no listing for how many you can attach to a model.








+25 pts (a little undeserved me thinks...)

Drone launcher reduced to (6)

Strategic value increased by 25 to (125)

Drone launcher (9) upgrade for 35 pts.

Combat Coordinator (acrobatic pilots) increased to +25pts

E-weapon target painter option is now 25pts.

Mine control generator option is now 25pts.

(... ouch)



+10 pts

Strategic value (75)




Experienced Engineers

Shield (3)




Combat Coordinator range decreased to 8"




+1 AP

+1 AA




+5 pts

Fore energy guns reduced to 6/6 (from 5/5/5/5)

No specialist Defences

(... very ouch, but then they were very very good)




+5 pts




+1 CC




All drone movements reduced to 12"

Torpedo Drones do not have Faster Torpedoes

When a drone is destroyed or forced to ditch, roll 1D6. On a 1, 2, or 3 the drone is permanently dead.







Coeus: (Changed already!)

... come back later




turns on large turning template

+1 turn limit

Strategic value reduced to 75




E-turret AD +1 in all range bands.

360 degree turning (... well, it is almost the return of skuttle...)



Time orb:

360 degree turning



Battle orb:

360 degree turning




+5 pts

360 degree turning




360 degree turning




(you guessed it) 360 degree turning





(another) 360 degree turning







Forward Landing Field:

+5 pts

Strategic Value (100)



Tower Defence Line:

... confusing. Maybe a -35 pts for all? maybe a mucked up entry. Or possibly I am reading the old entry wrong...

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The Daedalus-beta may actually find a place in my list, too! Looks like it's a rough and tumble combat flyer now, and is different enough in points cost from the Epicurus (especially with the E-turrets) to be relevant.

The Deadalus is worthwhile in your book now because it's shield has been increased by 1?

I am not convinced.

It still goes under "mostly harmless" as far as I'm concerned.


Overall i do not like the update that much.

Drones needed to be nerfed sure, but the current rules don't fit what I and my playgroup think of how they should feel. We think they should be basically like tie fighters, all over the place but not particularly strong without good guidance.

Now they are still stronger then most other tiny flyers, but considerably rarer now and very inflexible, since they cannot change their role without losing half of them.


ps ,the fresnel has been changed again to its old values.

It has now been changed forth and back every time for the last four rule edtiions.

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Kepler + Aristotle looks like a good way to hurt big stuff now, which we were lacking without DNs or the (previously super OP) Drones.



The Deadalus is worthwhile in your book now because it's shield has been increased by 1?


The Daedalus was never bad, it was just totally overshadowed by the Epicurus, which was most of the time only 20 points more and brought drones to the party.

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PAs are fine. Stop moaning and just sing happy songs to yourself whilst looking at the new drone rules :P

You might see Aristotles again, because the major competitor (Diophantus) is now (another) dreadnought (CoA tactics update: Replace Death by Drones with Death by Dreadnought!) and very expensive. Aristotle-Kepler combination looks very strong, like the old Aristotle-Fresnel combination. It will serve nicely as a back field support. We definitely have a hole in our orbat now for a frontline combat large.


Daedalus was bad. Daedalus is still bad. Moving on.


Hail the return of the Pericles (and its suspiciously different main turrets) to the table! Mourn the demise of the Euclid (slowly beaten to death by the nerf bat. Well, maybe I am over reacting, but it is so expensive! and with such strategic value! and a CR of 11!!! Modest upgrades will make it give away nearly 800 points when prized!)


Diophantus went to the Gym. Even more nasty than before, but with a price tag and strategic value that matches! 


Capek had its moment in the sun. Now it is back to feeling a bit schizophrenic. Up close to use e-guns (but die very very quickly) or hang back and snipe with rockets. I think mine will remain back-field where they can continue this new not-dieing thing, dipping forward to use their e-guns when enemy smalls move closer. Still, both weapons being fixed fore makes this squadron too inflexible now (and very pricey) so I doubt I will field these much.


Coeus, okay Sebenko looks like the designers agreed with you :P Having not tried it out yet, it makes little difference to me. Although it now seems to have proper covenant rocket batteries!




Well, lets just examine it as a whole.

Most of their carriers gained more strategic value.

The Diophantus has become a lot lot more expensive to field

Carrier 9 upgrades are now adequately priced (i.e. expensive)

So it may be we see fewer carriers (or more Keplers) and thus fewer drones in a list. Killing those carriers is now rewarded much more too.

Drones are much slower now, which hurts the fighters especially!

1/2 of all drones that die, die permanently.

So of those fewer drones that a list will contain, you will get about half as much use out of. You will also be unable to effectively reach out and intercept bombers.

The slow speed will greatly slow down the die-respawn cycle too.

It feels.... it feels like too much. I am pleased with the carrier changes in general, especially the cost of the carrier 9 upgrades. Of the two nerfs the drones got (speed and 50% chance of death) I like the speed nerf more. By itself this would probably have been enough to balance it all anyway, and rewards the opponent who moves tactically to account for such a short striking range (or positions drones optimally). The 50% chance of death thing I just don't like. It is pure luck and does not reward good tactics. It also cannot be counted on or planned for. It has nothing to do with player action.

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We have had lots of games testing the drone changes. Give them a go yourself!


Something worth noting is the various combat co-ordinator ( drone) MARs about all help stop you losing drones. Previously, if you lost some to AA or other fighters, who cares, just re-launch. Now, you have much more of an incentive to avoid attrition losses, so you have full strength units hitting their targets.



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Very good point, this does increase the value of the various drone-boosting combat coordinators. It just still seems a bit much...

But, as ever, you offer very sound advice. Try out the new rules :D Something I intend to do as soon as I can. My initial impressions of things have been very very very wrong in the past very very frequently afterall :)

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... Okay, now that is cheeky (I didn't have a downloaded copy of the Coeus to compare, and clearly my brain missed some important stuff there)

I am going to go with Orbat error on this one. It has to be multi-purpose, otherwise the whole "useable on land and sea" stuff is a lie and the picture on the front of the box (which shows it rearing from the waves) is misleading.

Like I said, orbat error. One I hope is fixed quick-sharpish!

The movement one is likely an error too, since at 6 inches of movement per turn, it will never catch anything to board (which was, as far as I can tell, the only justifications for such a high movement value on all the robot dreads).

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I admit I was hoping for Arronax to become submersible again.

For the battle groups, they have clearly just copied the contents of the various boxes. Which is slightly laughable when the squadron sizes of some have changed. No real thought has gone into those I suspect. Which is, perhaps, a little bit of a missed opportunity to bring out new and interesting cards.

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