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Skydrop and taking objective in 1st turn

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Haven't played that much PF yet (but love it so far!), but we had a funny thing last game.  Can folks confirm this is correct:


Opponent put his infantry in his tertiary objective building (my primary).

  1. I, as Dindrenzi, skydropped my pod next to building, and using Assault Vehicle I bailed out same activation (aka disembark)
  2. Then CQB Storming Action against objective - success, move in.
  3. Therefore scored primary objective 1st turn.

I understand you can't "disembark" and then "embark" in same turn except for Storming CQB action.


Maybe this tells us do not occupy your Tertiary Objective on setup 'cause it potentially lets your opponent take their objective first turn.


Is this right?

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That sounds correct. However, as you don't score until the end phase, your opponent has the rest of the turn to remove your Nyx from the objective.

Also, if the drop pod lands near an enemy squad, he could CQB it before your Nyx had a chance to get out, potentially disrupting your plan.

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Well... I tend to have my infantry and/or some supporting units nearby on Overwatch as early as I can manage, or at least able to put some decent CQB dice on any sky dropping transports coming around, but yes, staying out of buildings is a valid option as well.

So far it hasn't come up that much, though (I've only played a single game versus Dindrenzi this edition)

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Sure, it will kill the first pod. Not the second one. ;)


Also, be carefull of the assets you monopolize just to keep the Tertiary. Two light squadrons is actually a lot in "small games", unless you also have numbers for you in that category.


Another possibility is to put vehicles all around the Tertiary Objective so that he won't be able to put Nyx in base to base - or, at least, not so many. You will have to pray to damage him enough in case he still manages to have some models here, though.


Honestly, I'm more inclined to give him zero chances to take his Primary on first turn. Infantry outside first, then inside once its core/recon has activated. Light Tanks/Walkers do the same job as well, and there are no chance of Storming CQB against them anyway.

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