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SRS tokens and parent ship movement

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I apologize if this seems like an obvious question but when you activate and move the parent ship of an SRS token, if I move outside of the command distance does the SRS token immediately return to base or still have a chance to move back into the command range during it's movement?




SRS token is 4" away from Carrier.

Carrier activates first and moves full distance, leaving SRS token 10" away (outside command).

SRS token now activates, does it have a chance to move back within command distance or must it return to base?



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The SRS activate during the movement phase of the parent carrier, so they are considered to be moving simultaneously.

I'm a man, so I can only do one thing at a time, such as move the carrier or move the SRS Token. I am incapable of moving both. My neanderthal male brain can not handle both tasks. ;)

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An SRS Token may voluntarily Return to Base during the Command Segment of its activation.Additionally, SRS Tokens will be forced to Return to Base by various game effects.

These game effects are specified in the rules, and include some of the following.

Movement Effects displacing the carrier model outside its Activation (Gravity Control, 12 Crit)

Outrunning the Token during primary movement

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As was clarified by spartan alex in the now locked SRS movement thread.

Coherency between the parent ship and its tokens is not checked until the end of the primary movement segment. Since the srs activates in the primary movement segment, the carrier may move put of command, and the srs c an simply move back into command

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