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Line of sight

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If tank A is firing at tank B but tank C blocks 99% of the view, but because a slight slither of the base is visible its a viable target, you have to be kidding me......


ON another note, can you use sky drop markers to block the deployment of artillery markers, since they have a  4" denial zone on them? seems a big gamey if so.


Ta for answers :)

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Planetfall is designed to play fast. That means rules at an appropriate scale for the number of models on the table.


Line of sight is a perfect example of this- can you see it, yes or no?  About as quick and easy as it can get!  Shooting represents a squadron vs squadron action, and unless both squadrons are stationary, the LOS will be changing all the time, but for the sake of practicality, we have to resolve it at a moment in time. We are abstracting a few minutes worth of fire into one action.


In general, the more units and models on the table, the more abstracted the rules should be. For a skirmish game with 10 infantry on the table, tracking wounds or specific injuries per model is the right level of detail. For a Napoleonic game, with hundreds, or even thousands of infantry, plus cavalry and artillery, it isn't!



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i have to say I agree, and Slimeball - your laser marker just made life so much easier. It meant you could eat my brave Lizards that much quicker hahaha

As for area denial for markers? I am placing my artillery where I want it to do most damage. If my opponant is considering altering his marker placement to react to me - then i have kind of won a bit of a victory. In a game where there are 2 sky dropping armies then i can see it being a bit more tactical.

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