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Armoured Clash Fan Made Edition

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Thanks Richard again for the help. Yeah if you did that job then I understand you have a good eye for those things. I always had some problems with grammar so I'm glad you help me :)


The following changes are made:

  • RoF now has access to the resupply bunkers (I left those out by accident)
  • RC now has access to buy the resupply bunkers
  • I changed the Mine Layer error in the OE ORBAT
  • I changed the Light Interceptor error in the LoIS ORBAT
  • I changed the "Ignore High Velocity WAR" Brigade universal rule in the LoIS ORBAT to only Large and Massive typed models.

No I don't have a formula, I compare the models I made in AC ORBATs with the other model stats SG brought out and from that I decide a point value for the new models. For models that cannot be compared (Like the robot dreadnoughts or naval skimmers) I use the DW ORBATs as a referenance. Most of the time I'm busy thinking about a good point value for a model.....it is hard :P

​Due to Christmas, new years eve and other stuff I was kinda inactive with the AC ORBATs. BUT on the moment I'm busy with the CF and the RA/FA ORBATs. My plan is to bring them out on Monday max.

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A couple of minor points on the new listings.


1) Ottoman Empire:  You increased the Combat Formations from 1-3 to 1-5 but still only have one type of regiment, the Sultan Combined Strike Regiment, in the Combat Formation category and it is limited to 1-3 regiments.


2) League of Italian States (three minor grammatical points): In the Universal Brigade Rules you have this rule-"All Large & Massive typed models from this ORBAT are not affected by the High Velocity WAR when
attack by a weapon with this WAR."  This should probably read "type models" instead of "typed models" , "when attack by" should be "when attacked by" and "this WAR" should be "that WAR".

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The following things are updated:



*Removed the typos (Richard, thanks again)



*Added the statline for the Minsk Tank Destroyer (The complete statline was empty  <_< )


Added the Chinese Federation ORBAT! Next on the list will be the Indian Raj somewhere this week. 

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Comments on the Chinese list:


1) In the list of units allowed in the Combat Formation slots you state that "An Amoured Brigade must include at least one Shock Armoured Regiment."  The problem is that the Shock Armoured Regiments are Russian and the statement should be "must include one Robot Assault Regiment".


2) In the Fortification Formation you give cost and organization for a Communications Tower Emplacement but you don't give an allowance for a Communication Tower Emplacement.



The rest are small grammatical problems;


3) In the Universal Brigade Rules you have "A Rampart Generator has a continues effect."  It should be "continuous effect".


4) Same rule has "height band makes a target against a model"  probably should be written "height band targets a model".


5) In the Dragon Aerial Assault Asset in the Battalion organization section you have "Small Interceptor Squadron are"  and "Assault Flyer Squadron are" .  They should be either "Squadrons are" or "Squadron is".


6) In the Aerial Command Support Asset you have "The Assault Carrier Battalion is comprised on 1Shenlong Assault Carrier...".  There should be a space between 1 and Shenlong.


The seventh item may or may not be a problem.  In the Assault Flyer Squadron the under strength squadron has 2 Chi Long Assault Flyers for 180 points (90 points each).  The full strength unit has 4 flyers for 270 points (67.5 points each).  If it was 3 flyers costing 270 we would be back to the 90 points per unit cost.  If it was 4 flyers at 90 points the unit would cost 360.  The other interpretation is that you get a discount with a larger organization (buy 3 and get the 4th one free).  Your call.

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Hey Nicholas,


Yes it is, but Armoured Clash is more complex and older then Planetfall, but the core system is still the same.
They rules however are old (2013) so you will find major differences between AC and DW 2.0 but the game still is a lot of fun. The rules are all free so why not give it a try ;)

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Hello everyone,


Last couple of week I have been busy with creating a fanmade "2.0" edition for Armoured Clash. 


Have fun and if you have any commenting please note them.


Kind Regards,


Lorenzo, thanks for the FME.  I downloaded it.  I'll be saving it for future posterity and will use it when I have a full brigade going.  Right now, I just have PE/FSA Assault Tank groups and that's it.

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Fantastic job here :)


I was wondering if I could be abble to convert Chinese stats from DW, and then I found that topic. Brilliant ! Thanks a lot !

I might test them in the future.

Well I would have to order many Shi robot before that, as you put them as commant element for most of the groups ^^


Keep up !

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