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Terquai and Xelocians incoming

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Though I thought the initial designs for the Xelocians were good, the re-designs are simply amazing. I may well have to get the Xelocians when they're released to go into a Tarakian/Xelocian Kurak Alliance fleet. 


And that dreadnought! Looks like a suitably chunky piece of hardware. It looks impressive and mighty, even with just the renders we've seen. Can't wait to see one up close and personal (and preferably on my side, not the enemy's!). 

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Posted this on Facebook but I'll leave it here too for Spartan Games to see:

Thank you Spartan Games to have the sense and the guts to bin last year's redesign and postpone the release! This new design looks great and much more in line with what the fans had come to expect, so kudos to you!

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Nice redesign, although I liked the previous design also, especially the cruisers. Between these, taskforce and the new Halo ships...Ugh!


Does anyone know if the previous redesigned Xelocian ships were ever produced?



If they were available I would be interested in those as well.


I would like to know MORE!!

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