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Terquai and Xelocians incoming

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I know im not here as often anymore than i used to be. But at the arrival of the xelocians i had to take a look :-) (Hey SG im still waiting for Vo'nar!)


To be honest the new Xelocians are a disappointment to me. Wasnt there a middle ground between fiddly building crazy models and brick walls?


Missing some of the older lines charme on some of the newer models.

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I've been on a mission lately to find as many of the older models as I can, and I'm happy I did. Aside from the dreadnought and the frigates, the Xelocian models are just boring.

I'm really starting to think Spartan has lost its ability to just go mad when it comes to model design.

And don't get me started on the Terquai. Whoever signed off on them needs to replace the captain of his/her brain ship, because he's drunk at the wheel

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