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Some question about "Target Lock"

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Hi folks,


during the last games some questions about the "Target Lock" - MAR came up. I hope, you can help me:


- When I roll for "Target Lock" - do MARs of my opponent count? (like: "hard target" or "shields") I found nothing about this in the rules...


- When I roll for the Target Lock, it's possible to get "Exploding dices"?


- When I made enough "hits" to get the "Target Lock": Does just the initial roll give me the placed bonus? What happens, when I get a "Exploding Result" with my "Target Lock Roll". Does the following roll also get the placed bonus? (and so on...)


- Target Lock - I get a "Placed Bonus". When my squad already gets a placed bonus (because they did not move...), does a "Target Lock Result" stack? So (when it stacks) , its possible to hit my opponent now with a 2+ ??


Hope, it was understandable....


Greetings and thanks in advance!



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Designators always hit on a 4+ and yes, the dice explode. No shields, no cloaks, no hard target.

Once you reach 4 successes, any additional successes are basically meaningless.

Target Lock lets you use placed shots, focus firing also lets you used placed shots. They do not stack as they are the same effect. The shot is placed or it is not.

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It's because Target Lock uses a Designator, so all the rules for Designator shooting apply, and it describes in the rules of a Nexus Designator that they do not suffer from penalty MARs, they always hit on a 4+, ignore shields, cloak etc. But yes, essentially, it's a designator that does the shooting, so all usual rules for Designator firing apply.

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