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noob question

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No, but they do work together very nicely!


Cloaking systems are declared as either active or inactive. When active any direct weapons targeting them count as impeded unless they would otherwise be blocked, meaning that the attacker halves their AD pool before rolling an attack with primaries, beams, kinetics etc. but in return the power draw to maintain the cloak means that you also half the attack dice of any direct weapons you wish to fire. It has no effect on indirect weapons like torpedoes. If they are inactive they have no effect.


Stealth Systems mean that anyone trying to shoot at you from greater than 20" away must reroll all successful hits. These rerolls are done before rolling extra dice for exploding 6s and before you conduct defensive measures such as shields or point defence.


So, if you have your cloaking active and you have stealth systems and you are 21" away from an enemy that is shooting you they would first have to half their attack pool, then roll their dice and then reroll any and all successful hits from that pool to give their final result.


Hope that helps :)

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Welcome to FSA!

To answer your question: They're two different rules. Stealth systems force all successful hits to be rolled if at least one of the originating ships are at least 20" away. Cloaks, while active, impede all incoming direct attacks (primary weapons, beams, kinetics, scatter, and nuclear), at the expense of halving your own direct weapons. Cloaking has no effect against torpedoes and othere indirect weapons.

And ninja'd!

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