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1750 KoD vs KoB - The Wolf in Dogger

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(NB for all non-shipping-forecast-fans - Dogger is a Shipping area in the North Sea roughly at the latitude of Norfolk and the Netherlands)



Mirjam Ulfsson surveyed their recently acquired prisoner. Through the bars of the brig, it was clear she hadn’t slept well. Her eyes were dark with fatigue and swollen with tears.


The bulkhead opened and Commodore Stark strode in. After a wink to Mirjam, which got little more than a roll of the eyes, he addressed the Brittanian captive.


“You’re in luck!” he opened brightly, “we’ve just made a rendezvous with the rest of my fleet! You’ll be transferred to a faster ship and be going straight back to a prison in Denma-.”


He was cut off by the sound of the ship’s alarm bells. Shrill ringing sounded for five seconds, indicating that enemy shipping had been sighted. Hjalmar and Mirjam instantly abandoned the brig, making straight for the bridge. He wasted no time as the bridge door swung open.


“What is it?”


“Brittanians, sir,” replied the watchman “Looks like a big fleet. Are we to engage?”


Hjalmar snatched the petty officer’s binoculars, ignoring the subordinate’s strangled gurgling as the strap got caught around his neck. Stark grinned as he viewed the hulking Majesty dreadnought steaming across the water, flanked by ; he passed the binoculars back to the watchman just seconds before he would have passed out.


“You did well to ring the alarm! Prepare to attack! I want the fastest ships he has blasted out of the water! As long as we can out-run him, he won’t bother pursuing.”



Some way ahead, Brittanian Admiral Coburg-Fortescue picked some of the Tsar’s finest caviar from his teeth as the fleet moved into position. This should all be over quickly.

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FORCES – 1750 Naval


Kingdom of Denmark – Destroy all smalls & 50%

190 – Asgard + Shield + Calcification

150 – Ragnarok + Shield

135 – Gewitterwolke

180 - 3x Sigurd

190 - 2x MkII Skaggerak

160 - 2x MKI Skaggerak

200 - 2x Fafnir

200 - 2x Fafnir               

125 - 5x Korsor

100 - 4x Korsor

120 - 4x Magni


Kingdom of Brittania – Capture Commodore & 50%

330 – Majesty + Pulse

205 – Ruler + Guardian

150 - Illustrious 

150 - Eagle                              

115 – Lord Hood              

140 - 2 Tribals    

270 - 3 Agincourts                                  

120 - 4x Attacker             

100 - 5x Swift    

150 - 5x Merlin 


Gaming notes - There’s a slightly fluffy element here, obviously it makes no sense to try and recover a captive by destroying the boat she’s being held in. Danes just drew a card from the deck (and thanked Scandinavian Ripped-Jesus that it wasn’t ‘destroy all larges/massives’).


Second note - Rulebrittania has now learned the value of calculators.

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So many large and massive for the KoB! Is there so place where we can see pics of both your fleets?

The pics are coming up when I finish writing, should be by the end of the week at the latest!

As for fleet pics, I've not really taken any, probably should.

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Turn One


The fierce Britannian mediums laid down firepower to put early pay to the Skaggerak’s on the left flank, the pressure from their great turrets instantly alleviated. Finally, an errant torpedo pierced the ammunition deck of one of the Danish gunships, igniting the supplies and sending a huge explosion through the squadron. In reply, the Dane’s more meagre long-range efforts were able to pick off one of the Attackers and, in a handful of lucky strikes, send a pair of Merlins screeching into the sea.


The waves of tiny aircraft from both nations buzzed around in the air, positioning themselves for potential attack runs and keeping away from the action for the time being.


Whilst trying to desperately fix the corrosive fuel leaking from a Sigurd's engines, yet more damage was done and the ship listed dangerously close to destruction.




KoD - 90

KoB - 190

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Air Superiority!

Undeterred by the damage dealt to the Skaggeraks, the Fafnir and their SAS forge on up the Danish Right Flank.


Danes on the Advance

Whilst on the Left, the naval force pushes towards the Majesty and Illustrious!


Those Magnificent Men

Despite the casualties on the Britannian Left flank, they stiffen their upper lips and prepare for the incoming Danes


Deny the flank!

Confident of a secure flank, the Ruler and Eagle oversee their mediums and prepare to load the flak shells for AA fire.

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