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Zebo's Terran

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Finally, my first vehicle left the factory ready for battle. Now, it's looking to decimate Zenian with the mighty Magellan cannon.

I'm thinking about suitable names for this huge machine. Maybe a big hard monster like "Titan" or "Juggernaut", or the name of a illustrious Spanish soldier... well, in Spain we had many great soldiers, but few of them was famous xD






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I really like the yellow to grey contrast on this, just enough to look good without going overboard in either direction.



Nice. Love the panelling and the glow effects add just the right amount of pop. Cherry on top would be a few decals I think...


Where would you get decals for this scale though?

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I remember c0rrupted pointed me in the direction of someone who did decals that would look fitting for Planetfall, if you wanted to pay price for them.




I was thinking of grabbing some of them for my own Terrans, but got stuck trying to decide what colour I would find most fitting xD

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Yeah, my Terran's Army is growing up. The last adquisition is a pair of Ullr in both Mk1 and Mk2 versions.

First the Ullr Mk1 Anti-Air scuadron.





And now, the Ullr Mk2 Shield Tank version.





And one Sinir Apc with its Hirdmen scuadron are finishing their last trainings. Planetfall, here I go.

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And with the mechanized chavalry, the half of my forces are complete.

With the paint still fresh, my Sinir APC is ready to cross the battlefield to carry the Terran's infantry onto their main objective.





And the glorious Hirdmen, just arrived from the training camp waiting for some troubles with the Zenian scum.





I think it's time to get a family photo.


Just left one full scuadron of each (less the Vidars) to complete my Core Helix...

Well, not exactly. My first buy will be the infantry box for having all the options covered.

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Thanks for your comments.

Now I have in mind to "customize" a little more the minis I've finished. Maybe with numbers or symbols.

Here we have the second Heimdalls unit ready for battle.


Only left the second Ullr and the second mechanized inantri scuadron. My local shop just received all the Helix I want and the Hirdmen's upgrade... I need some money now!

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Well, I wasn't totally satisfied with my work. Finally decided to complete some elements of my "finished" tanks. Numbers, damages...

First the Vidars.

I numered them and put some minor damages on the armour. Wrote the names on the back of the turrets and painted little inner lights inside the missils launchers. And a little "crew jokes" in different parts of the turrets.

Now, here you have the Behemot and the Juggernaut







That's all for now. Next upgrade, the Heimdalls!!

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