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Shooting at submerged

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We should know this but last  weekend the issue of shooting at subs with non-ordnance weapons came up and we could not find a ready answer.


Can flame weapons target submerged targets?


We know they cannot target deep but could find nothing written. It seems beyond silly to think flame weapons can fire underwater.


Can rockets target submerged? 


Again, we know they cannot target deep but all the language around shooting at submerged involves the word ordnance, On that we assumed yes but treated as partially obscured.

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Basic to-hit roll from obscured is 5+

Basic to hit roll against submerged is 5+

The worst to-hit roll of the two is 5+, so 5+ is used as the basic to-hit roll.


Then things like Hunter (submerged) or small target come into play to modify the roll, but in your example no other modifiers apply so the submarine will be hit on 5+

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