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CoA vs RoF - 1K points (x2)

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Recently I played two games of 1,000 points, same fleet composition, same opponent. My CoA against my opponents RoF. The fleets used were...


[1] Aristotle 3x Galen

[2] Diophantus 3x Galen

[3] 3x Cleomedes

[4] 1x Zeno

[5] 4x Diogenes


[A] Couronne

Saint-Malo 6x Moustique

[C] Cherbourg

[D] 3x Dieppe

[E] 4x Lyon

[F] 4x Chevalier

-Terrain key-

[][][] island

::::: ice sheet

|||||| glacier

~~ clear ocean (needed for spacers)

o SAS token

--Game one--








--Turn 1--

-The Lyons attack the Cleomedes with torpedoes, unable to get enough through the CC of the Antartica ships.

-The Cleomedes attack the Cherbourg with both rockets and turrets, causing 1HP with each attack.

-The Chevaliers also fire upon the Cleomedes, landing 1HP of damage.

-The Diogenes power ahead, splitting fire in the Lyons, causing 1HP to one, and linking their broadsides on the Cherbourg, causing a crit.

-The SAS then see a lot of action, with the each side loosing 3 squadrons of fighters. The remaining CoA fighter squadron being too far East to provide any support.

-The Cherbourg advanced, failing to deal any damage to the Cleos.

-The Diogenes then launched dive bomber drones and moves forwards with its escorts, firing at the Lyons and Dieppes. While unable to damage the Dieppes a Lyon is sunk and a second takes 1HP.

-The Couronne activated next taking a pot shot at the Diophantus but failing.

-The Aristotle came next, taking out 1 Lyon with its PA, linking its turrets against a Dieppe, causing a double crit.

-The Dieppes then moved up, failing to put any damage on the Aristotle but sinking one of its Galens.

-The Zeno then swung out from behind an island and fired its PA on the Dieppes, finishing one off.

-Lastly the Saint Malo moved up, sinking another Galen.

--Turn 2--

-The Aristotle acted first, causing 2HP and 1HP to the remaining Dieppes, it's PA lined up nicely, finishing off the Cherbourg, a Lyon and 2 Chevaliers.

-The Dieppes then activate, boarding the Zeno and leaving it a derelict.

-Drone dive bombers then take out one of the Dieppes.

-The Chevaliers take out a Galen with a hefty rocket barrage.

-The second unit of Drone dive bombers take out the other Dieppe.

-The Couronne advances again failing to deal any damage to the Aristotle.

-The Diogenes move up further and take out a Chevalier.

-The French Recon plane moved about.

-The Diophantus launched more dive bombers and took down the last Chavalier with its broadsides and Galens.

Still a few activations remain for the turn but we called it there as the French had lost a significant portion of its fleet while the CoA was still looking quite strong.

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--Game 2--

Trying a different way of describing what happened, not sure what the general preference.


~~~::::~o[A]o[C][][][][]~o ~~~~[E][F]~






-The turns-

The Zeno deployed advanced, behind an island, positioned facing East in order to make a strike towards the centre. Once the Dieppes had activated it moved out to fire its particle accelerator at them. The Zeno was sunk the next turn by some combined firepower from the western French forces. The Diophantus also aimed it's PA at the Dieppes, combined, the Dio and Zeno caused 4 crits and 2 hits, starting many fires. the Dio's torps also caused a hit. The heavily damaged Dieppes were finished off with whatever shots could not be put to better use from the CoA fleet. The Diophantus took two crits from the Cherbourg and the Couronnes heat lances and put some damage onto both in return.

One of the Diogenes took a rocket strike from the Couronne early and was sunk. The remainder became disordered (resulting in some AP loss) The remaining Frigates pulled around the south side of the island closest to them, letting loose some ineffectual shots during the first two turns. On turn 3 they managed 1HP of damage to the Couronne.

The Aristotle moved up and exchanged fire with the Saint Malo, with the help of its Galens and the Cleos. Three turns of pummelling sent the Malo to the depths. The Malo, unable to damage the Aristotle switched to the Cleos, causing some light damage before it was taken out. The Aristotle then moved through the ice sheet, finishing off the damaged Cherbourg and knocking out the AA of the Couronne. With its AA offline, the Couronne was swiftly taken out by dive bombers before it could reactivate its defences.

The Cleos, withstanding both Lyon torps and Chevalier rockets, were the ones to land the final blow to the Saint Malo, before being swarmed by the French smalls. The Lyons swung around the Eastern island and took a Cleo clean out with a devastating salvo, while the Mostiques and Chevaliers pounded the remaining Cleos, almost finishing them off.

With the French Commodore lost, it was time to call the game to a close.

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Having fleets of both flags, I'm reluctant to make white-flag comments on behalf of La Republique.

Since you asked, however, the format of the second game was easier to follow for myself as more of a narrative rather than a checklist.

Thanks for posting the battle reports!

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