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[Fluff] Operation "Discontent Customer" [Fleet-Build]

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after reading a bit in the forum, especially the fluff entries, I would like to join you and present the background of my fleet. It will grow over time and I would be happy if you could help me. I am no native speaker, so please tell me if I made mistakes in language or with the existing background. Although I will work with "Spoiler" fields. The idea behind is the easier navigation.



- 14.09.15 first Post




Operation Discontent Customer

With determination and endurance the NTSC was able to stem the tide. The Zenian invasion grinded to a halt and in some cases even minor gains could be archived. A unbearable situation for some high ranking Officers in the NTSC command. In their eyes every victory feels hollow. To much casualties for to little advancement in no man´s land. Incursion fleets harassing supply lines making things even worse. To often patrol fleets get into ambushes and major fleet operations are meet with stiff resistance. Instead of fighting at the doorsteps, they wanted to hit the league where it hurt the most. This was the hour of birth to Operation Discontent Customer. The goal was as simple as it gets: hit deep, hit hard! The urgent question was: Which forces could be used?

Most ships were already committed in the ongoing war effort and the demand was still rising. To make matters even only careful steps could be taken. The top priority was to be keep enemy intelligence blind, but although to deceive governmental control for this unauthorized adventure. Many favours were called in and a lot of careful planning behind the scenes started. It took time to move all pieces into position. Not every wish could get reality and compromises had to made. The most surprising contribution came from Admiral Todd H. Everette. Somehow he managed to man the Themis, a Titan class Dreadnought, with loyal staff. Moving her out of space dock with official orders to join the annual foundation ceremony of the Dresden Hub.

With this final piece on its way the officers took stock over the available forces:

  • The 3rd  Dresden Hub Defence Fleet
  • The 58th  Reserve Fleet
  • The 116th Provisional Fleet
  • The 24th & 31st  Enforcement Fleet
  • NR-1901 ‘Titan’ Class Dreadnought Themis

The unexpected availability of 2 Enforcement Fleets lead to a revision of the overall tactical approach. Small deviations were made. The main target was still to hit the enemy in rear areas, but now a second aim was formulated. The primary goal of both Enforcement Fleets would be the conquering, raiding and destruction of vital installations. Especially intelligence and research facilities would be a top priority. The 3rd  Defence Fleet and 58th  Reserve Fleet should bind enemy forces, while the 116th Provisional Fleet would pave the way for the Enforcement Fleets and remain as active reserve together with the Themis.





Tier 1

NTSC Themis   -    Titan Class Dreadnought


NTSC Sachsen   -   Tyrant Class Battleship


NTSC Untouchable   -   Apollo Class Battleship

NTSC Fortitude   -   Apollo Class Battleship


NTSC (Old) Reliable   -   Razerthorn Class Battleship

NTSC Spirit   -   Razerthorn Class Battleship


NTSC Kain   -   Marshal Class Battlecruiser

NTSC Abel   -   Marshal Class Battlecruiser

NTSC Romulus   -   Marshal Class Battlecruiser

NTSC Remus   -   Marshal Class Battlecruiser


NTSC Aquitaine   -   Ares Class Carrier

NTSC Burgund   -   Ares Class Carrier


NTSC Aurora   -   Solar Class Carrier

NTSC Nox   -   Solar Class Carrier


NTSC Waystation A37E0   -   Pallisade Class Station


Tier 2

NTSC Painless   -   Haubark Class Heavy Cruiser

NTSC Decimator   -   Haubark Class Heavy Cruiser

NTSC Daishi   -   Haubark Class Heavy Cruiser

NTSC Havoc   -   Haubark Class Heavy Cruiser

NTSC Uranium   -   Haubark Class Heavy Cruiser

NTSC Damocles   -   Haubark Class Heavy Cruiser


NTSC Journeymen   -   Teuton Class Cruiser

NTSC Corona   -   Teuton Class Cruiser

NTSC Demos   -   Teuton Class Cruiser

NTSC Targeteer   -   Teuton Class Cruiser

NTSC Mareike   -   Teuton Class Cruiser

NTSC Stuttgart   -   Teuton Class Cruiser

NTSC Sunrise   -   Teuton Class Cruiser

NTSC Quest   -   Teuton Class Cruiser


NTSC Minutmen   -   Assault Class Cruiser

NTSC Machiavelli   -   Assault Class Cruiser

NTSC Crusader   -   Assault Class Cruiser

NTSC Enforcer   -   Assault Class Cruiser

NTSC Vigilant   -   Assault Class Cruiser

NTSC Supressor   -   Assault Class Cruiser

NTSC Socii   -   Assault Class Cruiser


NTSC Redemption    -   Aegis Class Shield Cruiser

NTSC Paladin   -   Aegis Class Shield Cruiser

NTSC Resistable   -   Aegis Class Shield Cruiser

NTSC Wonderwall   -   Aegis Class Shield Cruiser

NTSC Shepard   -   Aegis Class Shield Cruiser

NTSC Ward   -   Aegis Class Shield Cruiser


NTSC Longbow   -   Artemis Class Destroyer

NTSC Hound   -   Artemis Class Destroyer

NTSC Gamekeeper   -   Artemis Class Destroyer

NTSC Vagabond   -   Artemis Class Destroyer

NTSC Bolt   -   Artemis Class Destroyer

NTSC Chuangzi-Nu   -   Artemis Class Destroyer


Tier 3

NTSC Squadron 516th   -   Armsmen Class Frigates 

NTSC Squadron 1165ed   -   Armsmen Class Frigates 

NTSC Squadron 894th   -   Armsmen Class Frigates 


NTSC Squadron 156th (Raptors)    -   Missionary Class Frigates 

NTSC Squadron 874th   -   Missionary Class Frigates 

NTSC Squadron 761st   -   Missionary Class Frigates 


NTSC Squadron 347th   -   Nadir Class Frigates 

NTSC Squadron 536th-   Nadir Class Frigates 

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