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Directorate Fleet Background/terminology

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So, already having one of these for the Sorylians, I thought it might be fun to extrapolate how the Directorate sees its fleets and personnel.

Shipboard Locations

The Boardroom: Slang term for the CIC. All actions in combat are coordinated from this location, along with any intelligence/espionage related activities.

Cube Farm: Disparaging epithet for the enlisted personnel's quarters aboard ship. Named so because each cabin offers only a cubic metre of space for personal items beyond the ensuite and bed.

Command Crew Titles

Director: Essentially an admiral, but also bears responsibility for all financial losses and tactical mistakes made by a fleet.

Chief Operations Officer: Captain, with an emphasis on ensuring the ship turns a profit through its actions, whatever they may be.

Chief Security Officer: Commander of all marines, robots, and light assault craft on a ship. Overlaps with CAG duties in other navies.

Chief Technology Officer: Responsible for the day to day running of all the ships systems, from navigation and sensors through to drives and engineering. Often has a coterie of specialised technology officers in each section of the ship.

Loss Adjuster: Responsible for the maintenance of the ship in all areas, including personnel. Prime responsibility is to ensure that even if the ship is damaged, it can recoup the cost of repairs.

Chief Information Officer: Bridge crew member responsible for reporting and analyzing all sensor contacts.

Chief Data Officer: Equivalent to a tactical officer. Coordinates all actions between the ship and its automated systems, as well as tactical actions within a squadron.

Chief Science Officer: A euphemistic title given to the weapons officers aboard ship. They are charged with observing and reporting on exactly how damaging the weapons can be, and how they should be performing. They also tend to take great delight in unleashing various bioweapons during planetary bombardments and observing the effects in time lapse stills.

Military Philosophy

The Directorate wage war differently to most other forces. Their overriding concern is not in inflicting physical damage (although that still ranks highly), but in collapsing the enemy economy wherever possible. At the start of any operation, a meeting is held (via real-time Ansible, or in person) amongst the Directors in sector and most likely to succeed at the mission. Each Director must think on the spot, and begin the bidding process.

Like most corporations, the Directorate as a whole likes the lowest bidder. That way, success can elevate a lowly Director above his peers, and failure means only minor losses on the whole. The CEO that chairs the meeting may, at times, stipulate an absolute minimum force, and Directors are then allowed to build on this for their fleet. The Director who composes the cheapest, most readily available fleet gets the contract.

The contract is the list of objectives, and the time in which the fleet has to compete them. It also outlines remuneration for bonus objectives, targets of opportunity, and probable standings increases amongst the Director's closest rivals. This makes competition fierce, and treachery alarmingly common. The Directorate themselves smile upon this chronic backstabbing. If the Director was unable to protect themselves or their interests, they obviously didn't belong in that role in the first place.

In addition to normal, or white, contracts, the Directorate will sometimes issue black contracts. These tend to circulate through closed channels, and require the utmost discretion. There is never any minimum force for a black contract, and the contract itself is sealed until the ship makes its first Shunt en route to the target. Only the Director, and occasionally senior COO from the fleet know what is in the contract.

All black contracts are issued as either reprisals against individuals within or external to the Directorate, or as the start of major false-flag operations, using captured ships wherever possible. Official reports list these vessels as scrapped and sold for parts, but several have never been entered into the records in the first place. The most notorious of these is the Brood class Battleship Tangled Web, responsible for inciting over a dozen attacks against the Relthoza by the other races of the Storm Zone, including their staunch allies, the Dindrenzi.

Another notorious vessel is the Poseidon class Cresting Ocean, currently operating somewhere deep within Fathom's Reach, using a complex retrofitted infowar suite to copy and broadcast the transponder signal of the newest Aquan battleships, cycling between each ship as a matter of course if any of them draw near. Aside from false flag operations, several admirals from the alliance of Kurak worry that this ship is more than an advanced scout, as its weapons seem weak, while its foldspace capabilities seem to be far too powerful for a ship of that class.

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Very Clanner of them. I approve.

Yes. It just seemed so fitting to how they're supposed to operate. And yes, it was inspired by reading BattleTech. ;)

Nice, just like "Veiled Intentions."

Liked the back-story on your false flag ships, and I liked the corporate-inspired ranks.

I still need to read the end of that.

And my opinion is, if you're going to go Corrupt Corporate Executive across a whole faction, you may as well do it right. ;)

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I would think the highest ranks would be "The Board". CEO of a branch of the mega-corp known as the Directorate, with direct report to The Board. Of course The Board probably has its own "hatchetman" to come clean house in under-performing branches....

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Out of curiousity, shouldn't titles like Chief Operating Officer and such be reserved for the highest ranks within the Directorate hierarchy? And also, is there a distinction between civilian government and military hierarchy in the Directorate, or is it all just "the company?"

Should the captain be the Chief Operations Officer or the Chief Executive Officer?

Oh, interesting page on Wikipedia that relates to this. The C-Suite / Corporate Titles

I used the "Chief blah blah" for the command crew to differentiate them from other officers/ratings on the ship. The highest levels in the Directorate hierarchy would probably have similar—but rather more grandiose sounding—titles. Also, those underneath would know their place; if they didn't, they wouldn't stay there long. ;)

Personally, I see the Directorate as a military-industrial complex, so there's little distinction between civilian and military hierarchies.

On captain being COO vs CEO, that's up to players to decide, as COO, though, it gives flexibility to have high level observers on board while retaining a normal chain of command.

That wiki page… I used it to get some of the titles used in the article. ;)

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