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Chrome RSN Archangel?

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I decided to try and push my skills with a brush and try out Sky-Earth Non-Metallic Metals. This is my first go at it. I think that while my blending is fine, I fundamentally misapplied the technique. I think that I need to put bigger reflections across multiple parts. The only pieces I've really worked on is the head and the one leg. The head seems fine for a base. I wil still have to go through and paint highlights and such to really give it the relfective illusion. The leg seems too busy and I think that has to do with the fact that I painted it as each panel has it's own full reflection, rather than linking the relection across panels. But maybe not, does it look right to you?

I think, to cut my losses, I will paint the other leg with bigger reflections and compare them. That way, I will only have to paint one of them twice.

Anyway, comments are welcome, especially if you have some experience with this technique, as I could surely use some pointers. I think if I can pull this off, it will be a cool way to represent the Cloaked MAR.





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You're welcome :)

Sorry, didn't mean to look like the unpleasant wise guy; I think your problem is summarized in this part of the article:




The bottom plates, for instance, should have much more earth than sky painted on them, and reverse applies for the upper ones. Also, a darker earth usually helps achieving the effect. Consider this mini:




Focus on the mouth parts: they are almost totally brown, since they face downwards. Also, the darker brown colour gives a nice effect (but is ruined by the colour of the base itself, lol :D )... it's a very difficult technique because you have to focus on the shape of the volumes and treat every single volume differently. Hope I explained myself; keep practising, you'll get astonishing results in no time. 

Years ago I painted a coloured SENMM which came out nicely, unfortunately I don't have it here for a photo example; anyway, it came out after some trials and errors. 


Nice idea and a fascinating challenge, you're a brave painter :).


Hope this helps....

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